Constructionpalooza Part 2

constructionA few months ago I ranted about what I have coined “Constructionpalooza.”  The abundance of unfinished construction projects that seemingly never ended had annoyed me to no end.  I understand that roads, sidewalks and other public areas have to be renovated every once and awhile.  What I don’t understand is why certain construction projects seem to NEVER end.

For example, there has been a construction project near my house since MAY in which workers are renovating the sidewalks.  Yes, the SIDEWALKS.  They are still working at it.  STILL

I don’t get it.  As I drove past them digging the same area, over and over again, a thought dawned on me.  Maybe, just maybe, this nine-month project is really an archaeological dig.  There could be dinosaur fossils nearby.  Who I’m I to get in the way of science?  That seems to be most logical explanation at this point.

I though with the winter season upon us the construction site would end, but to no avail it continues.  Lucky me.

Are there any construction projects by your house or on the way to work that have been going on for what seems like forever?


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2 responses to “Constructionpalooza Part 2”

  1. Nancy says :

    You should send this blog to your village officials, and your state Road & Bridge Departments. If you think it is bad now, Illinois just got millions for more new road construction!

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