Obama voted against raising debt ceiling in 2006 due to high deficits

Remember when he said this. What do you think?


President Obama had harsh words for congressional Republicans who have refused to raise the debt ceiling without dollar-for-dollar spending cuts.

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2 responses to “Obama voted against raising debt ceiling in 2006 due to high deficits”

  1. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    This may be a great example of hypocrisy, flipping from one side to the other based on circumstance, but it’s not as damning when you consider that Congressional Republicans under Bush typically were in favor of debt ceiling increases just as under Bush’s administration Congressional Democrats would speak against it and vote against it.
    The Washington Post did a great annotation of this speech here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/fact-checker/post/annotating-obamas-2006-speech-against-boosting-the-debt-limit/2013/01/14/aa8cf8c4-5e9b-11e2-9940-6fc488f3fecd_blog.html

    It’s worth looking at and brings up interesting points with its commentary.
    But while Tea Party Republicans tend to be a bit more insulated from having checkered voting pasts on the debt ceiling given that many of them only entered federal politics in 2010 and some only this year, other Republicans are not as fortunate.

    Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley (also mentioned in the WashPost’s annotation piece) consistently voted against debt ceiling increases during Obama’s term. But he only found reason to oppose it during Obama’s administration. When fellow Republican Bush was in the White House, he was an enthusiastic supporter of increasing the debt ceiling, voting for it every time (perhaps he was a bit less partisan as well when he supported it in 1997 when Clinton was in charge). And in 2006, as WashPost notes, he got up to rebut then-Sen. Obama and sounded a bit like President Obama sounds now.

    Basically, it seems it’s typically been a political vote, which is a shame. But while not necessarily right, this sort of hypocrisy cuts across the aisle. Obama’s not special by any means, nor is this criticism ironclad given that the roles reverse every few years.

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