House Republicans to Raise Debt Limit and President Obama Presents Tougher Gun Laws

Speaker John Boehner and President Barack ObamaThis week I offer my praise of the week to two “unlikely” recipients.  I want to praise House Republicans and President Obama.  I say unlikely because regular readers of this blog by now know that I’m not a happy camper at the moment when it comes to our politicians (example).  So I was pleasantly surprised and delighted that both of these recipients have taken steps to address real problems our country face.

Today, news broke that House Republicans will pass a bill next week that will raise the debt limit for three months.  It will raise the nation’s borrowing limit, while they begin negotiations with Senate Democrats on a budget deal for next year.  The Senate hasn’t passed a budget in 3 years.  They’ve agreed to extend the limit for the long-term if a budget deal (of which would have spending cuts included) is passed by the Senate.  This seems like a pretty reasonable proposal.

Now you may be asking yourself why this warrants praise.  I think for two reasons:

  • Politicians are like children.  They need praise every once in a while.
  • The best part of this deal is that if our politicians are unable to adopt a budget by April 15th their paychecks will be withheld.  Yes, it seems like someone has been reading my posts.  As I have said so many times, politicians will only care to truly get the job done when their entitlements are in jeopardy.

Speaker Boehner said: “we are going to pursue strategies that will obligate the Senate to finally join the House in confronting the government’s spending problem.  The principle is simple: No budget, no pay.” (Have I mentioned how much I love this proposal?)

This week I’d also like to praise our newly reelected president.  President Obama and I don’t always agree on certain policy.  This week however, we are in sync.  President Obama held a news conference on Wednesday in which he provided 23 executive orders that he wanted passed by Congress to combat the escalating gun violence in America.  He like I support a ban on assault weapons.

I commend the fact he has begun the gun control debate.  I think he proposed sensible measures.  I think they are a step in the right direction.

I hope that our House of Representatives and Senate show some “political courage” and flex some “political muscle.”

I hope they denounce the NRA lobbyists.

I hope they do their jobs.

Who knows, if they are good boys and girls I might consider praising them someday.


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6 responses to “House Republicans to Raise Debt Limit and President Obama Presents Tougher Gun Laws”

  1. thelimberlawyer says :

    “Politicians are like children.” Ha, maybe they really do need some praise once in a while! So glad they’ve adopted the no budget, no pay proposal.

    Obama has been getting a lot of blowback for abusing his presidential powers, I’m happy to see him flexing some muscle on what is an extremely important issue.

  2. JF Owen says :

    While I agree that both your recipients are worthy of your “pat on the back”, I’m reserving judgment on the success of their actions.

    President Obama made a solid step in the right direction with his executive orders. Unfortunately, a growing number of state and local officials, both in legislative and law enforcement roles, have indicated that they will ignore and refuse to enforce the orders. Some are actually threatening to jail federal officers if they step in and try. This fight has just begun and the outcome is far from clear.

    Raising the debt ceiling in the short term, while the correct course of action, doesn’t ensure that the budget and the deficit will be resolved as needed. The deficit is the elephant in the room that everyone sees but no one seems to know how to handle. The only hope is that our congressional leaders are able to rein in their members on both the right and left fringes and make them listen to the diminishing handful of legislators in the middle. If they don’t, the next novel that I write may be more history than fiction.

    Good Post!

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