Tom Cruise and the Kardashians are the Latest Victims of “Celebrity Swatting”

Tom Cruise December 2008

Tom Cruise December 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tom Cruise and the Kardashian clan are the latest victims of what is known as “celebrity swatting.”  The term “swatting” refers to the recent trend in which someone falsely reports a crime in progress at a celebrity’s home, drawing the SWAT team.  On average each prank call costs the local county $10,000.

In both of these cases armed authorities stormed the celebrity homes only to realize that nothing nefarious was in progress.  Similar hoaxes have been done at the home of Ashton Kutcher, Justin Beiber, Simon Cowell and Miley Cyrus. 

Yahoo News writes:

And while there was a break in the case in December – a juvenile was arrested in connection to Bieber and Kutcher’s false reports – it’s obviously continuing, making it apparent there are multiple people involved in the crime, which could result in up to a year in jail for each incident if they are discovered.

These punks not only should be imprisoned, but they should have to pay back the costs they are racking up.  Even if that means they have to work for the local county until they do so.  This goes far beyond a prank call.  This is not only dangerous, but very costly.  These teens are wasting taxpayer money so they can get a few giggles.

What happens if these celebrities actually do have a crisis?  What happens if next time authorities aren’t as quick to the scene, because of obvious hesitation?

These teens might think they are being funny right now.  The only thing that is going to be funny is when, and you know they will be one day apprehended, they are crying behind bars.  Maybe then they will understand the magnitude of their actions.

What are your thoughts?

Had you heard of “swatting” before reading this post?


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