Congratulations, Mr. President

President Obama taking the oath of office on Sunday, January 21stThis week I would like to offer my congratulations to President Barack Obama.  After a truly riveting campaign that featured many note-worthy debates and subsequent debacles (a.k.a 47% comment), he proved the victor.  He commandingly and convincingly won the election.  Those who often read this blog know that I voted for Mitt Romney.  As I said on election night, I truly hope that President Obama accomplishes a successful second term.  Hoping otherwise would be hoping against this country.    

President Obama is my president.

President Obama is your president.

President Obama is our president.

Now some of my loyal readers might think I’m going a bit soft on my criticism of the president; especially after partially dedicating last week’s praise of the week to President Obama as well.  To those readers I say don’t worry.  I will continue to criticize the president’s, as well as anyone else’s, failed promises and/or lapses of reasoning.  I wouldn’t want to be called a “RINO” (Republican in name only) after all.

Today, we should hold our criticism and admire the great tradition of this country.  Despite the ballooning partisanship and congressional infighting we still live in the greatest nation in the world; a nation rich in valor and unyielding spirit.

So let us all rest, at least for the day.  And most importantly let us all say:

Congratulations, Mr. President.



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