Waiter Refuses to Serve Customer who Insults Boy with Down Syndrome

Milo CastilloMichael Garcia, a waiter at the Houston restaurant Laurenzo’s Prime Rib, refused to serve a customer who had just insulted a 5-year-old boy with Down syndrome.  Milo Castillo, the boy, and his parents were dining at the restaurant when a few of the waiters came to his table to chat with the young boy.  Milo, who has a speech impediment, told the waiters some of his new words he’d learn.  The chatter apparently displeased a fellow customer who reportedly said: “Special needs children need to be special somewhere else.” 

Upon hearing those comments Garcia told the rude customer: “I’m not going to be able to serve you, Sir.  How could you say that?  How could you say that about a beautiful 5-year-old angel?” The waiter was willing to risk his job because he couldn’t serve this customer who lacked compassion.

Milo’s mother took to her blog to describe the event.  She says:

“Was he loud? Maybe a little in the moment, but honestly, the adults at our table were three times louder than he wasIf he had been obnoxious, which like any other 5-year-old he can be, I wouldn’t have thought twice about the family asking to move.”

This poses the question.  Should the waiter have said anything to the customer?  I think the customer was very rude.  The owner of the restaurant however should be the one telling the customer that either someone else would serve him or ask him to leave the restaurant.  I think that would have been more appropriate and professional.  However, I will say that sometimes you can’t really control your emotions.

What do you think?

Should the waiter or the owner spoken to the rude customer?

Or do you think nothing should have been said because the customer hadn’t directly spoken to the family?

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6 responses to “Waiter Refuses to Serve Customer who Insults Boy with Down Syndrome”

  1. JF Owen says :

    The customer was rude and the waiter was courageous. The customer used the oldest trick in the book to complain without actually confronting. They made a comment and made sure that they said it loud enough for others to hear. Because most people shy away from confrontation, that tactic usually results in the perpetrator making their point without fear of retribution.

    Fortunately, every once in a while, these cowardly morons run up against someone who has a pair (I use that phase, but in my experience the folks who often have the best response to such inappropriate behavior are women). In this case the waiter stepped way out of the safety zone and called the customer to task.

    I don’t live in Houston, but I visit there on occasion. I promise that the next time I’m there I’m going to make a point of eating at Laurenzo’s Prime Rib. When I do I’m going to tell the manager why I came and ask for the waiter’s autograph. If he’s my server, the tip is going to be huge.

  2. gardenaki says :

    I think the waiter did the right thing by talking to the rude customer at that time. People should not make fun of others with special needs.

  3. Nancy says :

    My hats off to the waiter. Good for him!

  4. reasoningpolitics says :

    I love this waiter. There was a similar story a week or two ago in Columbus, Oh where a rude customer made some remarks about another customer, who was gay. The entire restaurant turned against the rude guy and the owner threw him out. I love it!

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