Mellow Mushroom Pizza Delivers Special Birthday Gift to Army Wife

heart-shaped pizzaArmy National Guard Maj. Shawn Fulker wanted to get his wife a special birthday present.  Since he is stationed in Afghanistan he decided to email his wife’s favorite pizzeria, Mellow Mushroom Pizza, and request a special delivery to be made on her birthday.  Fulker asked that they deliver his wife’s favorite pizza in Jacksonville, Florida and a $50 gift card.  He told them that he would pay via credit card. 

Unbeknownst to him the franchise was planning on making the delivery a bit more special.  They cooked the pizza in a heart-shaped fashion (including the pepperoni).  They also got her balloons.  Two employees drove to her home and gave the woman her gift, as well as the gift card.  They did not charge Fulker.

Fulker was overwhelmed by the act of generosity.  He said:

I miss my wife and son so much, and seeing that photo of them smiling at my front door brought tears to my eyes…When I received the email and photo from Mellow Mushroom I was sitting at my desk, and had to get up and leave the room to compose myself.  I am very grateful for that moment.”

I just wanted to share this story because it’s always nice to read of acts of kindness (especially towards our military servicemen).  Nice to know there are good people out there.


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2 responses to “Mellow Mushroom Pizza Delivers Special Birthday Gift to Army Wife”

  1. JF Owen says :

    This just goes to show that the folks who make a good pizza are a special.

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