Carla McKinney, a Colorado teacher, is reprimanded for posting topless photos on Twitter

Carla McKinneyCarla McKinney is a 23-year-old high school teacher in Aurora, Colorado.  She was recently reprimanded by school officials because she posted semi-nude photos on Twitter.  In addition, she also boasted of her love for smoking marijuana.

Some of her tweets include:

Watching a drug bust go down in the parking lot. It’s funny cuz I have weed in my car in the staff parking lot.
Naked. Wet. Stoned.

Instead of being productive, I’ve been on Twitter…

Just got called Ms. McCutie. Points for being clever, however you are still jailbait

The school district decided to place her on administrative leave until a decision is made on a potential termination.  McKinney maintains that her friend created the account as a parody.  She says she never brought pot to work.

This is why I think she should be fired.  The school district does train teachers on the use of the Internet and social media.  School officials say the basic mantra is: Don’t publish anything on the web that you wouldn’t write on the blackboard in your classroom.  It’s not like the pictures are of some other girl posted on a Twitter account with her name on it.  There are pictures of her topless and smoking what looks to be marijuana.  So I do not absolve her of responsibility.

As I have said so many times, be careful what you post on social media.  Nothing is private.  If you don’t believe me ask Melissa Cairns who posted a photo of her students duct-taped on her Facebook account.  Or Stacie Halas who thought her past porn career wouldn’t and couldn’t hurt her future endeavors.

What do you think?

Should she be fired?


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12 responses to “Carla McKinney, a Colorado teacher, is reprimanded for posting topless photos on Twitter”

  1. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    I’m always hesitant to say someone should be fired based on their social media activities, but there are limitations and boundaries to what’s appropriate. I agree with you – she should be fired.

    Posting pictures or bragging about doing activities that are illegal is asking for trouble, for one thing. (Even if Colorado recently legalized marijuana, it’s still illegal on a federal level and even if she wouldn’t bring pot to class and toke up in the bathroom, if the district drug-tested the teachers one day, she could be in trouble regardless).
    Posting naked photos, yeah, that’s totally inappropriate, I don’t care who you are or what you do for a living. If you want people on the Internet seeing your private bits, get an account under an assumed name on Chatroulete or some other random webcam-voyeur site.
    The third tweet that mentioned about jailbait was clearly making light jokes about a silly schoolboy’s silly teacher-crush, but considering that it is, as she tweeted, jailbait, she should’ve thought twice about posting such a thing. That alone can look incriminating.

    Finally, given that her school district does have a fairly clear-cut social media policy, she should’ve known better. If the account was truly a parody, she should’ve known to ask her friend to take it down to not jeopardize her employment status (and a true friend would understand and do so.)
    Even if profiles are personal and privacy settings are up as high as can be, people need to be watchful of what they post. If your profile is personal, be mindful of what, if anything, you post in regards to your professional life on it.
    If you can’t write it on the chalkboard, you shouldn’t write it on social media. I’d extend that to, if you can’t say this to your boss without fear of reprisal, don’t say it to a bunch of strangers.

  2. JF Owen says :


    (uncharacteristic brevity can sometimes be refreshing)

  3. reasoningpolitics says :

    First, I swear living in Aurora is not that bad! We have amazing world cuisine…

    Anyway… Yeah… She should probably go.

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