Ellen DeGeneres Speaks Out on the Boys Scouts Delaying the Inclusion of Openly Gay Members

I saw this segment the other day and thought that in about 2 minutes Ellen sums up why I think this whole thing is ridiculous.  I don’t understand why the Boy Scouts wouldn’t allow openly gay members in the club.

The ban does not make gay boys straight.

It does not make gay boys not enter the club.

It only creates an environment where gay, young boys think they are less of as a person because of their biological attractions.

I find this policy even more ridiculous than the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy recently struck down by President Obama.

What do you think?

Should the Boy Scouts allow openly gay members?

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5 responses to “Ellen DeGeneres Speaks Out on the Boys Scouts Delaying the Inclusion of Openly Gay Members”

  1. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    Completely agree that they should move to strike the ban on openly-gay Boy Scouts.
    And what’s pointed out here is also important: just because you ban them being open about it doesn’t mean they’re not going to join, or that they haven’t passed through the process already, just keeping a low-profile about their sexuality.
    Kinda like with DADT in the military – gay and lesbian soldiers were still present they just were forbidden from admitting to it on pain of dishonorable discharge.

    To be honest, the people who have spent their week protesting at “Save the Boy Scouts” rally have the whole thing backwards. Nobody is pressing for the dissolution or destruction of the Boy Scouts. The only people potentially threatening its membership rolls are those that are saying that should the ban be lifted, they’ll withdraw and pull their kids out of the programs.
    “Save the Boy Scouts” thus becomes quite the ironic battle cry.

  2. reasoningpolitics says :

    What would happen if they tried to exclude black children? The Scouts would have to be shut down due to the outcry. Its sad that bigotry towards gays doesn’t receive that much outcry, but it getting there. I’m shocked at the progress gay rights advocates have made in must 10 years.

    10 years ago this wouldn’t have made the news at all.

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