Congress to Vote on Universal Background Check

English: Houston Gun show at the George R. Bro...

English: Houston Gun show at the George R. Brown Convention Center Español: “Houston Gun Show” en el Centro de Convenciones George R. Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

President Barack Obama proposed a universal background check law.  The law would go beyond the closing of the gun-show loophole in that it would require checks for nearly all private firearms transactions.  As detailed in a post on Outspoken, NRA Vice-President, Wayne LaPierre,  flip-flopped his position on this very issue.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

In the Columbine shootings, the killers were underage, so they had asked an 18-year-old friend to buy several weapons at a gun show.  The friend later said she went to a private dealer at a gun show to avoid a background check.”

Congress at the time decided to pass legislation enforcing background checks at these gun shows.  LaPierre said at the time that the NRA: “supported mandatory, instant criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show.”  Now he says he dismisses the current legislative proposal as “nothing more than public relations masquerading as crime control.”

I really don’t understand the problem of universal background checks.  The fact that it isn’t enforced in every avenue of purchasing guns is ridiculous.  It would be like enforcing border control in the U.S. Mexican border in every state except Arizona.  How exactly would border control then be effective if the true criminals used the blaring loophole provided by the government?  My point is you can’t pick and choose who you want to undergo these checks.  Because the current model really only affects the many gun-owners who have no mal-intent in their purchases.

Fellow blogger, Reason and Politics, posted last week that the current assault weapon ban looked dead upon arrival.  Once again our Congressmen/women and Senators were allowing their “A” NRA ratings to interfere with what must be done.  I have advocated for banning semi-automatic weapons.  I support Senator Diane Feinstein’s “Assault Weapon Ban” Bill.

I don’t understand why NRA continues to somehow weasel its way into Congressional discussions.  They are not members of Congress.  Polls have shown that most NRA members support the bills currently being proposed.  I don’t think LaPierre remotely represents the group in a good way.

People need to understand that banning semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazine clips IS NOT the same as banning all guns.


It’s time to show some bravado and actually get something done that benefits the country.

That makes us safer.

That is sensible.

As opposed to what makes the NRA happy.

Wouldn’t that be nice?


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7 responses to “Congress to Vote on Universal Background Check”

  1. Nancy says :

    I’m all for background checks for purchasing weapons. But in the case of Sandy Hook, the guns were legal, it was the son that got into his mother’s gun case & did this horrible destruction. In Chicago, it is the gangs with the illegal guns. I’m sure they will go through a background check when they purchase their guns from illegal dealers….NOT!

  2. iamjustinkase32 says :

    Great article. I’ve also stated an opinion on my blog as well if anyone is interested.

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