Jessica Bennett Says “man” Smacked her 2-year-old Son on Airplane

Jessica Bennett's 2-year-old sonA Minneapolis mother says a “man” smacked her 2-year-old son on an Atlanta-bound flight.  Jessica Bennett said her son now has become apprehensive in the presence of strangers.  Bennett said her son was crying on the flight when the 60-year-old “man” who was sitting next to her slapped her son on his face; causing a scratch under his right eye.  Bennett says the “man” told her to “shut that n**** baby up.” 

You might be wondering why I put quotations around the word man.  If you slap a child or a woman you aren’t a man.  Not in my opinion.  

Bennett spoke exclusively to ABC News this morning.

I would normally give people the benefit of the doubt (you are after all innocent until proven guilty in this country) before I take a side.  But in this case there are several witnesses to this altercation, including the federal Air Marshall.  I don’t know how one could look at this cute child, or any child for that matter, and smack them.

This “man” is a racist, ignorant excuse for a human-being.  I hope he gets the help he so obviously needs.  If not, I’m sure he will get it in prison.

Good Luck Mr. “Man.”


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3 responses to “Jessica Bennett Says “man” Smacked her 2-year-old Son on Airplane”

  1. JF Owen says :

    Nothing to add that commentary.

  2. reasoningpolitics says :

    And a federal air Marshall witnessed this! This guy is so screwed.

    The report said he’s the president of an aircraft parts company. I see lots and lots of lawsuits in his future, and probably prison.

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