Mom hires strippers for son’s 16th birthday party

Judy VigerJudy Viger, a New York mother of four, is facing jail time after she hired strippers for her son’s 16-year-old birthday party.  The South Glens Falls Police Department has charged Judy Viger with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child because 5 of the children were under the age of 17.  Some were as young as 13 (on a side note I don’t think my hormonal teenage brother would mind going to this party lol).  Pictures of the November party recently surfaced on Facebook (remember posts on social media aren’t private).

The birthday party took place in a room at the Spare Time Bowling Center and had 80 people in attendance.  The bowling alley released the following statement:

“Spare Time Bowling Center can confirm that a private party did take place on November 3rd, 2012. We neither arranged for (nor paid for) the entertainment that was provided at the party. Spare Time has been cooperating fully with the investigation and will continue to do so.”

In a press release, police accuse the mother of “organizing, managing, and paying” for the party where two strippers performed “personal and intimate dances for some party attendees.”  The strippers, who work for the company Tops in Bottoms, aren’t facing charges.  The strippers apparently didn’t know the attendees were underage and believe the incident is being “blown out of proportion.”

I don’t think this mother should be imprisoned.  Should she face a fine or some lesser misdemeanor charge?  Yes, maybe she should.  But I don’t see how this party “endangered” the children.  At least not physically.

I’m a little bit curious as to what the other parents did while these strippers provided the entertainment.  The fathers were probably so excited to actually be at a kid’s party they “chaperoned” and “supervised” the dancing.  I can only wonder what the mothers were doing.

What do you think?


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7 responses to “Mom hires strippers for son’s 16th birthday party”

  1. thelimberlawyer says :

    I think it matters what these strippers did, and how much of their clothing came off. I have to imagine that, if there were other parents at the party, this wasn’t as scandalous as it sounds. And I certainly don’t think she should be facing jail time! Boys see much worse on the internet than some women dancing. You know…I tend to agree with almost everything you write, and I consider myself a liberal. it’s really interesting.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      I’ll take that as a compliment. 🙂
      I’m generally a conservative person but I don’t like to be grouped with Republicans because they sometimes make decisions just to sound conservative. I just tell you what I think, no matter what my colleagues think.

      Thanks for the comment as usual!

      Btw how are you doing in Boston? I feel like everytime I look at a national map Boston is getting hit with a snowstorm.

      • thelimberlawyer says :

        Ha yes we got yet more snow yesterday but it’s melting fast! I’m glad you took that as a compliment, it certainly was intended as one. We are fed the message that the “two sides” just can’t get along, but I feel like there is quite a bit of common ground among reasonable folks.

      • realtalkrealdebate says :

        That’s really the purpose of this blog. Mariam and I haven’t reached the full potential of that premise, mostly because I primarily post, but that’s why we started Real Talk.

        People really are more alike then they are different.

  2. Nancy says :

    This isn’t the first time parents hired strippers for their child’s birthday. It probably isn’t anything knew to the boys if the family has cable. Seven year olds know how to swear like truck drivers here in the Chicago area.

  3. reasoningpolitics says :

    What the hell what she thinking? A mother booking strippers for her son…. Gross. Just gross.

    I will say I’m glad this story isn’t from Colorado….

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