Ohio Bartender Fired After Calling Police on Drunken Driver

A half-drunk glass of beer

A half-drunk glass of beer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Twyla DeVito is a bartender at the American Legion Post in Shelby, Ohio.  She had worked there for about a year when she was abruptly fired for “being bad for business.”  The “bad” part being the fact she called the police when she noticed a regular customer was going to drive his car while intoxicated.  The man’s blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit.  The patron was issued a citation for driving under the influence.

Two days later, DeVito was contacted by her employer who told her that she was “bad for business.”  It had nothing to do with her ability to serve drinks.  The manager told her that it wasn’t personal, but a business decision.  She apparently hadn’t followed the proper protocol. 

According to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, there is no law that requires bartenders to report drunk drivers.  DeVito said there was no protocol and that she doesn’t regret what she did.  She said if she was in a precarious situation.  Suppose the man got into an accident, she would possibly be at fault.  She thought that saving the man’s life, and others on the road, was more important.

I think it is pretty evident that she was fired because the drunken man was a loyal, regular customer and other customers inquired if she would do the same in the future.  Her termination is ridiculous.  She did the right thing.  I find it funny how no one blames the man who decided to get drunk and then drive away.

The only thing that is going to be “bad for business” is the reputation this manager is now giving the establishment.  Oh and the proper protocol should be to protect the life of the patron and those on the road.

Do you think she should have been fired?

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4 responses to “Ohio Bartender Fired After Calling Police on Drunken Driver”

  1. JF Owen says :

    No, the bartender was absolutely correct. There is ample case law on the books finding establishments and their employees liable for alcohol related deaths. If the patron had driven home, gotten into and accident and killed someone, then the victim’s surviving relatives may easily have filed suit and won. It’s happened many times before.

    The manager/owner of the bar better hope that, in all the publicity, their insurance company doesn’t get wind of their reluctance to minimize legal liability. If that happens they may find themselves without the necessary insurance coverage to stay in business.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      In addition to the legal responsibility, I should add that morally I think it is the right thing to do. This woman could have saved this man’s life and others on the road. If anything he should thank her.

      Thanks for your comment as always!

  2. reasoningpolitics says :

    Wow. That’s the problem with ‘right to work’ states. They literally can fire you for any reason except the handful of protected ones like race or religion.

    Good for that bartender, though. She did the right thing. I hope she went right to the local news and shamed that bar publicly.

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