Winter Storm Saturn brings Chicago its biggest snowfall this season

Lake Shore Drive during 2011 Chicago Blizzard



Treacherous driving conditions.

This pretty much sums up my day, in terms of conversation topics.  After experiencing one of the driest winters in recent memory, Chicago is on the precipice of accumulating more snow in one day than it did in December and January COMBINED!  In the month of March no less. 

That should sum up how meek our snow accumulation has been this winter in Chicago.  As other parts of the country have endured through snowstorm after snowstorm (a.k.a Boston and even parts of TEXAS) Chicago has lucked out.  Well it seems Chicago’s luck has run out.  February was pretty active in terms of snowfall in the city.  March doesn’t seem to get the memo that it’s spring (at least meteorologically speaking).

Now I should be used to large snowfall amounts.  It’s not like I live in Hawaii.  I shouldn’t obsess over the latest weather updates.  But I do.  I think part of it has to do with the monster of a storm we got in Chicago two years ago on February 1st, dubbed Snowpocalypse.  Maybe I have some lingering PTSD from excessive snow shoveling or something of that matter.  I don’t know.  My concerns are probably irrational, but I can’t help them.

I’ve come to realize that the people who enjoy the snow are either children (who secretly wish for a snow day) or adults who don’t have to shovel their sidewalks and/or driveways.  Unfortunately I am neither of these options.

How do you handle a snowstorm?


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6 responses to “Winter Storm Saturn brings Chicago its biggest snowfall this season”

  1. gardenaki says :

    It hasn’t started snowing yet….but we will wake up to a big surprise supposedly lol I heard we might have 1-2 inches per hour at certain times overnight into tomorrow.

  2. Theodora Goritsan says :

    It’s going to be pretty bad outside later during rush hour!! Stay safe!! I must admit It’s pretty nice to look at. However, driving in it is so frustrating.

  3. JF Owen says :

    Well, I grew up in Pennsylvania, near Erie, so trust me, I know snow. You’re basically right about the folks who normally like snow, but then I’ve never been accused of being normal.

    I actually like to shovel the driveway. There’s something anally soothing about a pristine driveway where all of the snow is neatly piled in the grass next to the concrete. I’ve actually been know to use a laser level to make sure that the piles are all perpendicular and parallel to the drive. Scary, huh.

    Stay warm!

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      I too I’m pretty anal about snow shoveling. I think a part of my current disdain for it is that it is March and I am day dreaming of Summer already. Although that probably will be 90+ degree days. So I look forward to the 1 day this year where I will have 70 degree weather. Lol

      Off to do some more shoveling. Hopefully I can post something else tonight and read your post. I have quite a few topics to write about.

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. Nancy says :

    Listening to the people at the office nagging about the snow or lack of it!

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