All About Camelia

Hello RealTalk readers!

My name is Camelia Rodriguez and I was recently invited by Mariam and Angelo to join as a contributor to this great blog. Before I bombard you all with posts about everything under the sun I wanted to take some time to introduce myself.

I’m a 25-year-old Filipina American born and raised in the wonderful city of Chicago. I’m a graduate of Lane Tech High School and DePaul University (B.A. Communication – Journalism). I recently went back to DePaul to pursue another B.A. degree in Public Relations & Advertising. There was a point in time when I wanted a career as a reporter, however, along the way of growing up I discovered things about myself and have decided to pursue other endeavors. Writing, though, is still my first and great love and I’m grateful for any opportunity that allows me to express myself this way.

I’m a huge sports fan that roots for the Cubbies, the Bulls, and Da Bears. I have also come to very much love the game of hockey and enjoy cheering on the Blackhawks. I went to my first ever hockey game/Blackhawks game (4-3 victory over the Canucks in a shoot-out!) last month and it was awesome!

Lastly, I’m a pop culture and TV junkie. One of my favorite shows is Gilmore Girls and am not ashamed to admit it (Come on, Amy. Get a Kickstart campaign going a la Veronica Mars! We need our GG movie!).

I think that’s just about everything. Looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the goings on of our crazy world with you all!

All the best,


7 responses to “All About Camelia”

  1. mariampera says :

    YAY!!! Welcome, Camelia. 😀

  2. JF Owen says :

    Hi Camelia. My name’s Jerry. I stop by once in a while and comment. Sorry about that.


  3. ronarruejo says :

    Looking forward to reading your posts =)

  4. Nancy says :

    Welcome to the group. Too bad you are a Cubbie fan, Real Men wear Black!

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