Rehtaeh Parsons hangs herself after gang-rape photos go viral

Rehtaeh ParsonsMonths ago I posted the harrowing story of Amanda Todd, a bullied teenager, who killed herself because of never-ending and VICIOUS cyber-bullying.  Sadly cyber-bullying continues and has taken an even more twisted form.  Rehtaeh Parsons was a 17-year-old teen who lived in Nova Scotia.  She was a kind-hearted person and a great student.  She had innumerable opportunities in her future.  That is until her family took her off life-support this past Sunday night.  Rehtaeh had unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide by hanging herself in the bathroom.

In November 2011, when she was 15-years-old, she was gang-raped by four of her male classmates.  In addition to the sadistic act one of the boys took a picture and posted it online.  It quickly went viral.  Authorities “investigated” the assault but cited “insufficient evidence” for the lack of an arrest.  Her assailants were thus free to live their pitiful and pathetic lives.  She has yet to get justice. 

Rehtaeh’s mother states:

“They didn’t even interview the boys until much, much later. To me, I’d think you’d get the boys right away, separate them…. Nothing was done about [the photos] because they couldn’t prove who had pressed the photo button on the phone…We didn’t have a rape kit done because we didn’t even know until several days later when she had a breakdown in my kitchen. She was trying to keep it to herself.”

The mother was told that the distribution of the photos is not really a criminal issue, but rather more of a community issue.  Rehtaeh was tormented and bullied at school.  She was forced to move.  She eventually sought medical assistance for her suicidal thoughts and depression.   Unfortunately she would succumb to her tormentors.

Last Thursday she hung herself in the bathroom.  The family took her off life-support on Sunday to end her suffering.  Rehtaeh’s mother thinks her daughter would want her to share her story.  She created a Facebook page in honor of her daughter.

Stories of this nature are truly dumbfounding to me.  These sadistic boys, better yet animals, not only got away with this atrocious crime but they had the audacity to photograph it.  I hope they are not only arrested, but imprisoned for life.  I still don’t understand why teenagers would torment a girl who was raped.  This is beyond perplexing.  I hope you share this post so that Rehtaeh’s story is silent no more.

I pray Rehtaeh gains the justice she deserves!

May she rest in peace.


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9 responses to “Rehtaeh Parsons hangs herself after gang-rape photos go viral”

  1. JF Owen says :

    Why wouldn’t the photos be considered child pornography?

    How could any law enforcement official look at her face and not want to turn over every stone to investigate the case and bring the guilty parties to justice?

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      I don’t know if they dispute the photos are child pornographic. They supposedly didn’t have enough evidence to physically connect the photos to any of the guys.

      My only conclusion is that they are incompetent or even complicit in the crime. Maybe one of the boys has a police officer for a parent.

  2. mariampera says :

    This is part of the danger of the stigma associated with sexual violence victims. How often do we hear people close to us read these stories and say, “Well, she brought it on herself. She was in the wrong place with the wrong people. She shouldn’t have been drinking. She was probably dressed like a skank.” Those are the kinds of things rape victims are charged with, even before anyone says, “Wow, someone physically and emotionally assaulted you, violated you, hurt you.” Since this stigma exists, educating young girls, their families, the media about this is very difficult because so few people want to come out and speak about it. Many people fear they will be ostracized from a community for speaking against their perpetrators, and they often are, even by other women!

    I agree with you Angelo that stories like these are too common and too sad. Being a teenager, especially a girl, in this society is not an easy thing, and I really wish we’d put more of our resources into educating these kids on safety and also on the avenues that are available for help. Basic thing I learned during my time in Rome, when I was 20: If you’re raped, go to the hospital, not the police station. You could spend hours at the station, but the hospital will do a rape kit and then they can call the police. Spread that information to anyone you know. But people don’t want to talk about it like it’s real. This girl’s death proves it is.

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