Twin Explosions Injure Many during Boston Marathon

finish lineA pair of explosions during the Boston Marathon injured at least 144 individuals and has resulted in 3 deaths.  The culprit/s has yet to be determined.  The motive is yet unknown.  The AP reports that an 8-year-old boy was one of the casualties.  Another child has died because of insane notions of grandeur.  A delusional grandeur in fact.  One where the culprit has no empathy for humanity.  The true definition of evil.

The Boston Marathon is one of the most popular races in the world.  This year one of the 26.2 miles was dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.  Thousands flocked in support of loved ones.  From my understanding of the ever-changing storyline the twin explosions occurred near the finish line.  The bombs were set on the sidewalks where bystanders stood.

Many were rushed to nearby hospitals.  They were treated for severe burns, amputations, ruptured eardrums and many other injuries.  Someone compared the surprise of the explosions to an IED (improvised explosive device—mostly used in wars).  As the barrage of new details emerges Americans are once again left wondering: WHY?

WHY would someone do this?

WHY should I be deprived the peace-of-mind that it is safe to watch a group of people run?

I will never be able to answer these questions.  These actions are purely insane.  There is no logical explanation.  No humane explanation.  Therefore, I can’t understand.  Not that I would ever justify it (just to be clear).

My guess is that some deranged individual is mad at the world.  Mad for whatever is supposedly lacking and “unfair” in his/her life.  People that promote and execute acts of terror have one goal in mind.  They want to alter the way we live our lives.  They want us to live in fear.

Unfortunately for them,

I refuse to be bullied by a coward.

I refuse to cower to their will.

I refuse to do anything but live my life.

I will not wrap myself in some type of “bubble” to protect myself from the dangers outside the confines of my home.  Every bubble eventually bursts.  You will die one day.  It is inevitable.  It is part of human nature.  Why waste your life on Earth wallowing in despair in the comforts of your bedroom?

Because are you truly living at that point.  Haven’t they won if you do isolate yourself?

I remember last year when the Aurora Theater Shooting occurred many grew scared to ever enter a theater again.  I went the same day to watch a movie.  I will live my life in accordance to my own wishes and desires.  The only person I answer to is God.


Live your life.

Live a life.

Never take your life for granted.


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4 responses to “Twin Explosions Injure Many during Boston Marathon”

  1. JF Owen says :

    The unfortunate reality is that it is often the inhuman few who garner our attention in life. When that happens the only thing we can do is find our way past the evil and persevere.

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