Michigan high school ignores rape accusations to protect star basketball player

basketballDavid Frum, writer for the Daily Beast and Newsweek, brought a disturbing story to my intention.  A Michigan high school is guilty of ignoring rape accusations in order to protect the school’s star basketball player.  According to a 2010 complaint, the victim states she was sexually assaulted by the player in the sound-proof band room.  The victim notified a teacher who informed the principal of what had transpired.  The principal incredulously, urged the victim and her family not to press charges because it could deter the attacker’s chances of obtaining a Division 1 basketball scholarship. 

The family ignored the request and filed a complaint with the local police department.  They feared the assailant might harm others.  The school continued to do nothing.  The family’s fears were unfortunately realized when two weeks later another girl emerged to state she was sexually assaulted by the same attacker. 

The school continued to do NOTHING!  The attacker continued to attend his classes, some even with his first victim.  The female student began to be cyber-bullied by the other students.  They believed she was lying because the school hadn’t acted to remove the basketball player; thus proving to them she was lying.  They viciously called her a “liar” and a “whore.”  The attacker and his friends began to bully his victim.  He would follow her around campus, pushing her into lockers and other students.

After five agonizing weeks, law enforcement finally arrested the assailant on two felony counts of criminal sexual conduct.  He would plead guilty to a single count of misdemeanor assault and battery.  He was sentenced to attend a treatment facility.


As this assailant continued to remain a student of the school, the first victim transferred to a new school.

It is utterly perplexing and maddening that this culture of entitlement is shown to rapists.  When did raping someone not qualify as a reason to be expelled from school?  Why wasn’t this principal immediately fired?  Why does the news media continue to ignore the pleas of thousands of girls around the world who are tormented both physically and mentally?

How many girls have to feel they are worthless before the rape culture is addressed?

How many girls have to commit suicide before cyber-bullying is addressed?

How many Steubenville cases need to occur before something changes?

A couple of weeks ago I shared the story of Rehtaeh Parsons.  Rehtaeh was brutally gang raped.  One of her assailants posted pictures of her as she was being assaulted.  She was quickly cyber-bullied by her peers.  She sadly killed herself.

As did Audrie Potts.

As did Amanda Todd.

In addition, we really need to begin asking ourselves what is wrong with our teenagers.  Specifically the ones who cyber-bullied these victims.  Why would someone condemn a girl because she is raped?  There has to be something really messed up about you if you do.

What exactly does this tell us about today’s teen society?

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