Kim Kardashian isn’t fat, she’s pregnant…

A pregnant Kim KardashianThis week I am dedicating my “rant of the week” to the ludicrous comments pregnant women hear from others.  As some of you might know, I am a fan of the Kardashians.  I don’t think I’m obsessed with them.  I don’t buy their products.  I do regularly watch their television shows and I do follow them on social media.  Beyond the at times histrionics, wealth and fame I somewhat relate to the family.  As someone who has always been surrounded by many family members I can definitely relate to some of their arguments.

Kim Kardashian is pregnant.  The child’s father is Chicago-native Kayne West.  Kim’s pregnancy has been a top priority for members of the pesky paparazzi.  She is constantly being photographed every time she leaves her dwelling.  Members of the media and fashion bloggers critique her fashion sense to the minute detail.  They critique how much weight she’s gained since they last saw a picture.

Yesterday, as I was scrolling through some pictures she took of her current vacation in Greece (beautiful country you should definitely visit!) I read some horrible comments.  Many commentators called her “fat”, a “cow,” and some called her a “whale.”  I don’t understand why someone would bother to post hateful comments.  If you don’t like someone why follow them on social media.

Well I have a news flash for these people: PREGNANT WOMEN GAIN WEIGHT.  It might be hard to believe but when you eat for two or more you tend to weigh more.  At least you are supposed to.  Every pregnancy is different.  How much she gains isn’t anyone’s business or their concern.  These people have nothing better to do.

The picture of super-skinny women in movies, magazines, etc. is terribly unhealthy.  There shouldn’t be a stigma that if you aren’t “skin and bones” then you are overweight.  Losing weight quickly after a pregnancy is a fallacy.  A fallacy for most “normal” women.  Most women don’t have trainers aiding their daily workouts.  Most women don’t have babysitters and baby nurses to aid them during the day.  People need to stop looking at celebrity-centric magazines and think these post-baby weight loss stories are the norm.  Because they aren’t.

What’s troubling in this case is the fact Kim is STILL pregnant.  I think most critics ridicule her because they don’t like her.  They either don’t like her because they think she has no discernible talent or they don’t like her because they are jealous of her life.  No matter the reason, I think pregnant women should be off-limits.  At this point Kim is used to public criticism.  Imagine how ones comments to a “regular” pregnant woman affect her future decisions.  If you called a first-time mom “fat” I think you are causing her unnecessary stress.  And that’s more harmful to the baby then the mother’s weight gain.

So remember:

Kim Kardashian isn’t fat…she’s pregnant.  So get over it.  And get a life.


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3 responses to “Kim Kardashian isn’t fat, she’s pregnant…”

  1. gardenaki says :

    I’m sure she loves the attention… haha I don’t like her so I don’t really care.

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