Jeff Bliss, Texas high school student, rant at teacher goes viral

A student rant against his teacher in Texas has gone viral.  Duncanville high school student Jeff Bliss was frustrated with his history teacher’s method of instructing.  As he was being told to leave the classroom Jeff had a few choice words for his teacher.

Jeff was irate that he didn’t think his teacher cared about her job.  He told her that endlessly handing out packets wasn’t a great method.  The video currently has over 2 million views on YouTube.

Jeff also accuses his teacher of previously stating that she only teaches because she gets “a paycheck.”  I commend Jeff in that he spoke up.  I don’t know if he did it in the best manner though.  His class was in the middle of an exam.  In my opinion you must have some level of respect even if you don’t receive it in return.  I certainly don’t blame him.  I too would be mad.

There are certainly teachers who only work for the paycheck and benefits.  But, in my experience there are more teachers who actually do something they enjoy.  America’s education system definitely needs an adjustment.  I hope this video, at the least, brings forth the question of what can we do as a nation to better educate our children.

It is so disappointing to listen to a student state that he feels that he isn’t cared for by his teacher.  It’s disappointing, if found true, to learn that a teacher would actually tell her students that she only works for the paycheck.  If you aren’t going to be passionate about what you do then please don’t become a teacher.  Trust me when I say that most students want to learn.  The only problem is that not every one learns the same way.

The best teachers are the ones that acknowledge that and do their best to compensate for the lack of conformity.

The best teachers are the ones who tirelessly sacrifice their time and many times their money to aid in their student’s education.

The best teachers are the ones who never make you feel like you were stupid.

I hope you’ve all had at least one great teacher in your life.  I’ve been fortunate to have many throughout my lifetime.

What do you think of the rant?

Was it appropriate?  Was Jeff right to “call out” his teacher?


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4 responses to “Jeff Bliss, Texas high school student, rant at teacher goes viral”

  1. JF Owen says :

    Yes, I believe that there is a strong possibility that the teacher is only there for a paycheck and yes I think he should have called her on it. He might have done it in a better way, but I’m not going to fault him for having a youthful lack of discretion tied with a passion for learning.

    Education has been and will continue to be one of the subjects that concerns me the most. It has to be. What other single thing is there that affects the long term viability of the human race? Everything revolves around education.

    I’ve written about this many times, on my professional blog, on my personal blog, in letters to the editor and letters to the school board.

    You’re correct about there being many dedicated teachers in our school system and thank God they are there. Unfortunately, there are also many “clock watchers” and teachers who are so intimidated by the NCLBA that they spend most of their time teaching to the test rather than trying to open and excite the minds of their students.

    As an example, I’m currently embroiled in a discussion with the Principle of one of our local middle schools concerning a math teacher that has no business teaching. She doesn’t have a teaching certification and has no evident teaching skills. She came out of the “professional” world with a degree in accounting and is teaching under a temporary certification. She has several years to get certified and master her subject matter.

    Why do I question her abilities? I question them because her teaching method consists of using ‘Youtube” videos to illustrate how to solve math problems. Judicious use of Youtube in science classes-maybe. Using them in other core classes-not on your life. A teacher should know their subject and be able to teach it. That’s just one example of a local teacher that is doing substandard instruction. I’ve run up against many more.

    Lest anyone think that I’m simply a disgruntled parent who is upset because my kids aren’t getting all “A’s”, know that it’s been thirteen years since my youngest graduated from college and this fall is when my oldest grandchild starts kindergarten. I have no children in public schools.

    The only skin I have in the game is the burning desire to see that our children, our country and our world have the best chance for survival. I’m pretty pessimistic about that and getting more so every day.

    I support your hope that everyone out there has had at least one GREAT teacher in their life, one teacher who could light a fire in their belly that made them seek out knowledge. But, as the years go by and I see government making more frequent and more serious mistakes when it comes to education, the odds of that happening are dwindling.

    If nothing else, I hope the video that one of the other students in the class made is a catalyst to open a meaningful dialogue by the schools administration. It also wouldn’t hurt to have the teacher in question monitored for a few classes to assess her performance.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      I wholeheartedly agree with you! I remember reading your recent 2 pt series on America’s education system. I believe you reposted something you’d written before. I hope something is done about this teacher and the one you are writing about in your comment. I am very concerned that in this nation we don’t care for the future’s of many children. I wonder what your feelings of Michelle Rhee. From what I’ve learned of her I like her. I am sure you probably know more about her than I do. Do you think what she is trying to do is for the best?

      I too hope this video sparks national outrage, which hopefully leads to change. The video can definitely become a catalyst in opening a meaningful dialogue. I haven’t seen a great amount of news coverage on this video. I am disheartened that we aren’t tailoring our news to actual important news but on segments like the Jodi Arias trial saga. Have you seen any news coverage of the video? I only heard of it from someone who saw the video on YouTube.

      • JF Owen says :

        I’m not a big fan of Michelle Rhee. On the surface it appears that she was able to achieve some meaningful accomplishments, but her methods were often questionable and when you dig deeper into the accomplishments you find that many of them are exaggerated to various degrees.

        I do agree with her goal to eliminate tenure. There is no defensible position for allowing a teacher who is not performing to remain employed. That’s the way it works in the rest of the world, there’s no reason it shouldn’t work that way in education.

        Ms. Rhee’s path to teaching came through Teach for America, a program that I vehemently oppose. It, and others like it, allow people with no background in education to begin teaching with nothing more than a three week summer boot camp to show them how. Then they effectively get to teach themselves how to instruct by practicing on our children. That practice usually occurs with minimal or no monitoring. They have their students for a year. I wonder which one of a child’s twelve years of education is best taught by an amateur. Just for reference, a third of TFA participants don’t come back after the first year.

        My daughter spent four years in college earning her degree in education and two years earning her masters degree after she started to work. She’s been nominated for and earned a number of teaching honors and when I mention Teach for America to her lightning bolts shoot out from her eyes. She’s a very demanding educator, both on her students and her peers and she thinks programs like Teach for America are ineffective overall and dangerous. Just for the record, she opposes tenure.

        What I would like to see is society to start regarding teachers as professionals again, as it did decades ago. They should be respected for their skills, paid accordingly and expected to perform. Our children deserve no less.

        To answer your last question, I saw the video on yesterday morning. I’m not sure whether any of the other news sites picked it up.

      • realtalkrealdebate says :

        Sorry it’s taken so long to respond. I had only a peripheral knowledge of Ms. Rhee. It does seem like she cares, however I didn’t know if all her methods were appropriate. Thank you for clearing that up for me. I really hope this nation seriously begins the discussion of how to better our education system. There really is no reason why we shouldn’t be one of the best in the world. A proper and good education should be an unalienable right protected by our constitution. Hopefully others realize that soon.

        Again sorry it took so long to respond. I have been off WordPress for a few days. Will be posting soon! 🙂

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