Jimmy Kimmel Presents “The Baby Bachelor”

The Baby BachelorRegular subscribers to Real Talk by now know that I am a fan of late-night comic Jimmy Kimmel.  I think he is funny and I regularly watch his show.  A segment from last night’s show was especially funny.  Jimmy’s brother, Jonathan,  thought of a great spin-off to the popular ABC Bachelor series.

Click “Read More” to watch the video. 

For whatever reason, I’m actually looking forward to watching the next “episode.”  I understand this is a TV segment, but the concept of the show is far more entertaining than many shows now on the air.

*Oh and on a side note to Wesley: “I’d like to get the big girl too!”

Would you watch “episode” 2?

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8 responses to “Jimmy Kimmel Presents “The Baby Bachelor””

  1. Nancy says :

    Very cute, I thought I was watching Funny or Die website. What’s funnier is that the next series of the Bachelorette starting May 27th, one of the dad Bachelors will be bringing his little guy on to the show to meet the girl on the first episode!

  2. gardenaki says :


  3. Theodora goritsan says :

    Clever idea

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