Steph Strayer posts photo of “cheating husband” on Facebook to shame him

Steph StrayerSteph Strayer posted a photo (you can click on the link to view the photo) of a “cheating husband” on her Facebook account.  She claims the man had boasted, over a two-hour train ride, to his companions of his numerous affairs; and more so how “dumb his wife” was for not having a clue of his illicit activities.  The woman posted the photo on her Facebook account and asked for it to be shared so that to “shame” the husband for his debauchery.

Strayer writes:

“If this is your husband, I have endured a 2 hour train ride from Philadelphia listening to this loser and his friends brag about their multiple affairs and how their wives are too stupid to catch on. Oh please repost …”

The photo has been shared by over 265,000 people since it was posted June 5th.  Many people have criticized her for “shaming” a man whom they can’t prove actually cheated on his wife.  They don’t think it was her place to post the photo.  I think she has every right to post the photo.

For the sake of argument I will assume she is telling the truth.  The man and his companions chose to speak of their actions, to no end I might add, in a PUBLIC area.  If they wanted their “secrets” kept to themselves then they shouldn’t have divulged them in a public space.  Obviously they spoke loud enough that Steph heard them.  By her account they were gloating of their misdeeds.

Again if this is true then this guy and his friends are pigs.  If someone found out my girlfriend or wife was cheating on me then I would want to know.  If her claim is proven to be false then I think she should be held liable for defamation.

Do you think she should have shared the photo?

Do you think it is even legal to post a photo of someone without their consent?

Would you tell your friend if you found out their partner was cheating on them?


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35 responses to “Steph Strayer posts photo of “cheating husband” on Facebook to shame him”

  1. JF Owen says :

    Interesting and somewhat humorous story but, no I don’t think that she should have posted it. There are several reasons.

    For the sake of argument, let’s say everything the jerk boasted about was true, a fact not in evidence. Given the “six degrees of separation” theory, let’s also assume the the wife or one of her family/friends sees the photo and tells her about the affair(s). Is that the best way for her to find out? What will having her personal life laid bare to the world do to her psychologically and emotionally. What happens if she’s so embarrassed that she hurts herself? What happens if she’s so devastated that she kills the husband and ends up in prison for the rest of her life? What if they have children that are also affected?

    I’m not condoning his actions in any way, I’m just saying that if he’s that stupid, he wasn’t going to be able to hide it forever. Better for the wife to find out in a more controlled manner that doesn’t have the potential of ruining her life forever. Recovery from a cheating spouse is possible, but less likely if someone has ripped away the safety net of privacy.

    Now let’s look at the possibility that this braggart was doing what we men have been known to do from time to time, that being exaggerating (you thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you…shame). What if instead of numerous affairs, there was one…or none. What if he was just trying to impress the other guys with sad stories of false virility. Do you remember being in the locker room in high school while the guys talked about the Saturday night before at the drive-in? How many of those stories do you think were true? If that’s the case, the guy is an simple-minded neanderthal with no class and less brains, but that shouldn’t make a two hour train trip a death sentence for his marriage or his wife’s self esteem.

    Finally, agree with it or not, his wife, had she found out about the problems in a more controlled manner, might have wanted to try to save the marriage. The likelihood of that happening after this much publicity is negligible. Why should this woman get to make that decision for another woman?

    If Ms. Strayer wanted to make a statement, she should have stood up, walked back and told the guy he was a slug. Then she should have pointed her iPhone at him and told him that he had two choices. He could shut up or he could explain to his soon to be ex-wife why his face and her life was plastered all over facebook. My bet is that the rest of the ride would have been very quiet. 🙂

    As to the legality, there are no federal laws of which I am aware that would prohibit her taking the photo in a public place. If a marriage fails, she may find, depending on the state, that she is in some legal jeopardy. God help her If she in any way gets monetary reward from the photo or her actions and doesn’t have a signed model release form.

    To answer your last question, if I found out that a casual acquaintance had a cheating spouse, I would probably keep quiet. If I found that a good friend had a cheating spouse and was sure beyond all reasonable doubt, then I would tell them… in a very controlled and manageable way designed to minimize the damage.

    I write more on your blog than I write on mine. 🙂

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Steph does not know the husband nor his wife. As stupid as this guy is you do not know for sure that she will find out anytime in the future. We do not know if they have kids. Suppose they don’t. Then suppose the wife gets pregnant in the near future. I think it is far easier to end the relationship before the conception of a child.

      The wife shouldn’t feel humiliated. It is her repugnant husband that is at fault. No matter when and how she found out (although if she were a friend I would tell her in person in a more controlled manner) I think she would have similar reactions. If she tries to harm her husband I think she would do it regardless of when and how she found out. If anything had she found out say by finding her husband in bed with his mistress then I think she would be more inclined to harm him or even her.

      If this guy didn’t want his private life made public then he shouldn’t have discussed it in a public area.

      As for your comments, I don’t really see a problem with the fact you write more on my blog 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    I don’t know about the legality of it – I have read that if a person doesn’t give you permission, you can’t post a specific photo of them, but I’m not sure if or how that’s actually enforced.
    Other than that, does she have a ‘right’ to post the photo? On the face of it, sure. Her camera, her work, her profile, post whatever.

    But SHOULD she have? I don’t think so.
    The potential infidelity and collapse of a marriage is not something that should be used by COMPLETE STRANGERS as public service announcements. Facebook is a very public forum and this particular posting was unabashed in its aim to publicize the alleged cheating. But while seeking to demonize the scumbag, how much thought was REALLY given to the wife with the grievance? Steph Strayer may not have forced anyone to share the pic and make it go viral like a meme, but the caption is crystal-clear: she wanted it to be. In doing so, she arguably deprived the douchebag’s wife of HER right to privacy or confronting her husband in private.

    The very last question you pose at the very end has less to do with what happened here, when you think about it.

    There’s a big difference between a friend overhearing this and pulling the woman aside, in privacy, and saying “listen, I don’t know how to say this, but your husband was saying…” and let the chips fall where they may in the privacy of the doomed(?) couple’s home – at worst, their inner circle of friends may have been involved. But the harm would have been minimized. Instead, here, we’ve made this an online group activity. It’s crap. It’s not even that I have sympathy for this guy’s right to privacy – after all, he’s talking about all this on a public train already – but the wife’s privacy was ignored here.

    Whether or not the guy actually performed any of the acts he bragged about with any of the people he spoke of, this is a delicate situation. Even if the marriage would have been dissolved under other circumstances, this jeopardizes a whole host of options from amicable parting to low-key divorce proceedings to reconciliation and counseling. People are nosy and now everyone wants to know – when otherwise, at worst, some of their friends and their family would know about what’s happening. As J.F. Owen said, there were potential avenues that may well now be closed.

    Did this woman REALLY think of the betrayed wife? Or was she just acting out of her own self-righteous anger and outrage at some random Neanderthal on the train? Even if I allow for that by bragging openly in a public place, this guy waived HIS right to privacy, what about that of the wife? No thought given to that.

    Again, telling a friend, pulling him/her aside and saying their significant other has either been unfaithful or claimed to have been and seemed proud of it is one thing. Facebook is one of the most inappropriate places to do this, because, again, EVERYONE can see this and clearly, again, it was this woman’s goal to have everyone see.

    Was this douchebag’s wife not already humiliated and betrayed enough by having her hubby brag on a TRAIN about cheating around? Posting it all over social media without the consent of either party just multiplies that humiliation. It’s not helpful, it’s not therapeutic, and I don’t buy that she just wanted what’s best.
    Imagine if you were married and you found out your wife wanted a divorce through a Facebook post – or a silent change of that insipid little ‘relationship status’ feature? If THAT was your first notice of this – not a serious, one-on-one conversation in the confines of your home, but a public post saying “I want a divorce” and seeing the ‘likes’ roll on in from mutual friends?

    As a person who has made the callous decision to air out his dirty laundry including relationship angst out on social media before, I can tell you, it’s not as therapeutic as it seems and it only winds up hurting person it’s directed at.
    When it comes to relationship issues, privacy is something that should be cherished. And that of the aggrieved wife here was stripped from her because someone else was self-righteous on social media and the Internet decided to turn her faltering relationship into a meme. (Just looking at the photo you linked, I see at least some people treat this as a joke – ‘this is funny,’ ‘haha,’ ‘this is why I don’t want to get married’ are among the comments attached to shares – it isn’t all just to help somebody.)

    I’m wondering what the wife will do if or when she finds this pic and caption floating around on Facebook. I’m wondering if we’ll hear about it in coming days or weeks. As J.F. Owen said, she no longer has the luxury of privacy, anyway. Good job on that, Steph Strayer.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      my last question was more so an addition to the post because it was question brought up often while discussing this topic and one I’ve had in the past.

      I feel that yes this is not the best way to tell the wife. But Steph has no other means to tell this woman. She doesn’t know this couple. How else is she supposed to tell her?

      • Kamil Zawadzki says :

        The answer is in your comment: She doesn’t know this couple.
        So it was not her place to ‘tell her,’ especially not in this kind of manner.

      • realtalkrealdebate says :

        I don’t know if there was any other manner for her to tell her. I guess the difference in opinion really is that I feel that if you find out someone is cheating you should speak up about. If someone was cheating on me I would want to know.

        I would feel like I was implicit in the adultery because I did nothing to enlightened the wronged partner. I know I just wouldn’t be able to keep shut about it.

      • Kamil Zawadzki says :

        It can be tricky enough for FRIENDS to approach people with information like this PRIVATELY, on the off-chance that the messenger winds up getting shot.
        Any time you decide to insert yourself into someone’s relationship or relationship woes, you need to tread with much care. This was simply not appropriate.
        The husband’s behavior was terrible. He SHOULD be ashamed of himself. But putting all this out on blast like this – it’s not the right way, and as a total stranger, it’s not HER PLACE to do so.

      • realtalkrealdebate says :

        The husband isn’t ashamed of himself. And that’s one of the problems in this situation. Again I feel like if he wanted his family life and private life kept quiet than he shouldn’t have spoken in a public area about it.

        I have to say that I don’t know if I would have posted the photo. Granted I seldom ever post photos.

        Steph should be prepared however that there might be repercussions for her action.

      • Kamil Zawadzki says :

        Well, I mean yeah, if my wife was cheating on me, I’d want to know – and there is no true “good way” to find out jarring information like that.
        But personally, I’d much rather have a close friend pull me aside and tell me in private, keep it on the down-low until I confront my wife over this personally.
        If, instead, my friend started blabbing about it to EVERYONE under the sun (and not simply for advice on how to approach me) and I found out through them making a public announcement at a party, for instance, not only would I feel betrayed by the wife and angry at HER, but I would feel anger toward the person who decided to take it upon themselves to make it a public announcement. That would be disrespectful to me, it wouldn’t be right.
        And these days, you can’t get much more public than social media.

        Steph Strayer is not involved in neither this guy’s life nor that of his wife – she doesn’t know either of them personally. So, still, I don’t think it’s her place to insert herself in such a fashion. It’s way too public, and it was intended to be public.

        If you find out someone is cheating on your friend, again, you should tell them out of loyalty – but, again, would you do so through a public Facebook post? Would you make a big announcement without first going directly to either the source or the victim in the situation, one-on-one, in private?
        Which, again, that does not apply here because until she forced her way into their lives, Steph had no role at all in them (and even now, probably, does not). Now, everyone knows the dirty laundry – at last count, more than 270,000 people having had shared the pic. That’s FAR MORE public than simply talking out loud on a train within earshot of a dozen or so strangers.

        This guy and his douchebag friends clearly had no sense of decency or discretion… but clearly, neither does Steph Strayer. That’s no compliment.

  3. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    (And also, as you yourself say, we’re assuming, for the sake of argument here, she’s telling the truth. She may not be. On the Internet, it’s pretty damn easy to just lie for shits and giggles. Nobody needs a ‘good reason’ to do anything online.)

  4. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    Also, I wonder how many of these people are outraged at the NSA stuff right now, all the while they’re sitting there happily playing ‘I spy’ and spreading information about a random person (not even a public figure!) that they never even met based on the testimony of someone they don’t even know can be trusted in the first place.
    If our government ever DOES go nuts and starts employing secret police to enforce totalitarianism, it’s good to know that there will be plenty of snitches for it to employ to keep tabs on everyone else.

    • Joe Hinson says :

      The differnce is really, really obvious. The NSA is spying on what we are saying in private conversation. This woman recorded what these two morons were saying in a situation that was clearly not private at all.

  5. mariampera says :

    It’s interesting because now we don’t just have to be worried about what the government hears/finds out about us in private, we have to be afraid of everyone in public places. Lol. Honestly, I can’t say I disagree with her posting the photo, but it does bring up some interesting questions.

  6. Dee says :

    People should ALWAYS worry about everything they say or how they act on public transportation (the worst sometimes w/over sharing & bad behavior) or in a public setting (eg. shopping, restaurants, bars, event, etc) at all times. The caveat is, with social media, you might get photo tagged or a phone video upload to FB along with a re-cap of your bad behavior. And in some situations of an actual crime, your face on the 11pm news. Always beware. Someone is recording you & you might look over shoulder and realize it’s someone you know. Now that is 10 times worse …

  7. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    You also have to wonder… she took this guy’s pic while he was bragging to his friends who, the caption suggests, were also proud of their infidelity. Why zero in on just him? What of the other participants in this circle-jerk? What made this guy’s comments stand out to her that he was the one she chose as the poster child of cheating douche?

    Given the angle of where he’s looking, it looks like she may have been literally in the two-seats that are in the foreground, and his buddies were on the other side of the aisle, next to her – if she managed to snap a pic without them noticing of him, surely she would’ve gotten away with snapping a pic of the others next to her. There are definitely ways to take pics with your smartphone or iPhone without the subject noticing even when you’re in their line of sight (I’ve certainly done it before).

    I just don’t buy that she was just being a good samaritan. This guy and his buddies should be held accountable for their despicable words and behaviors (and frankly, considering, again, these are people we do not know, it is not our business whether or not the infidelity is discovered by other means). But she needs to be responsible for her decisions, too. Her intentions may be good, but in my opinion, her choice of action is harder to defend, for all the reasons I’ve listed above.

    • Carlo Oropesa says :

      I clearly see a lawsuit coming down the pike. Hope she is ready to pay the consequences for probably destroying a family. It wasn’t in her place to play Good Samaritan with his wife. I’m sure he will get the last laugh. $$

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      I thought about this and my theory is that this guy was in her direct line of sight as she stood up. She would have to go around to the other side to take the photo of them. Maybe also he was the worst one of the bunch.

      Not everyone is proficient in photo taking even if they own an iPhone.

      • Kamil Zawadzki says :

        So SHE decided who was the worst of the bunch – that’s very subjective, and I find that to be problematic. Out of the group of 2 or more people bragging about their affairs, HE’S the only one being shamed. The others get a free pass and get to keep their anonymity, as do the spouses they’re betraying.

  8. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    I also agree with comments that this is just another reminder to always be mindful of what you’re saying in public places about your private, personal details.
    This guy and his friends spent 2 hours on the train mocking his/their relationship/s, and that in itself is demeaning to the spouses, to say the least. But having total strangers posting all about it all over the Internet just demeans even further a delicate and troubled situation.

    We’re not just talking about pics of people having an off-day or doing something odd on the CTA. We’re talking about someone’s marriage being mocked openly on the train by the husband, and now it’s been put on blast all over the Internet by a self-righteous fellow passenger.

    Neither is right.

    If she sees this trending on Facebook, I highly doubt the wife will find much comfort in the whole Internet knowing about the apparent problem in her marriage, even if she’s not the one at fault and even if they mean to be sympathetic. The few times I’ve seen the stars of “People of the CTA” actually comment on pics of themselves, they didn’t see much humor. And that was just funny pics of weird shit. This is, again, a marriage that is strongly implied to be a sham. It’s much more delicate.

    If you want to play the Good Samaritan card, you need to think carefully about what you do and how you do it. If you just lead with your anger, it doesn’t matter how good your intentions may be – you may wind up causing more harm than good to the very person you purport to be helping.

    My personal policy from what I’ve observed and from my own misdeeds on Facebook regarding personal lives of myself and those around me – worry about your own shit and if you want to air out dirty laundry on your status, make sure all of it is yours. It’s not your business to take it upon yourself to do so for other people unless they ask you to.
    But that’s just me. :/

  9. SWISH says :

    This was cruel. How would you feel if it was your husband? Did you stop and think maybe he has children? IS THERE ANY PRIVACY IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE? MIND YOUR BUSINESS

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      If he wanted it private then he should have kept his mouth shut. If my wife was cheating I would want to know.

      • Kamil Zawadzki says :

        But that’s not the core point of our disagreement.
        Our point of disagreement is whether or not sharing such information in such a supremely public manner is okay, right or acceptable.

        I mean.. Think having that guy talking about it on a train was public? Posting it all over the Internet and social media is THOUSANDS more times public than that. (At this posting, more than 280,000 times more public.)
        However horrid this man’s (alleged) words and actions may have been, I just can’t condone total strangers airing out everyone else’s dirty laundry all over Facebook. (After all, I’m guessing even this turd was smarter than bragging on his own social media.)

        Steph Strayer had no stake in this, she didn’t know either the wife or the hubby personally, so it simply was not her place. At least if a friend comes to you with this kind of information, they’ll likely try to soften the blow somehow and offer their shoulder to cry on. Will Steph Strayer be there to support the aggrieved wife? Doubtful. Remember: She CAN’T be! She doesn’t know these people!
        So she won’t even be there to help the wife pick up the pieces. She won’t be there for the consequences for EITHER person in this situation.

        When you talk about someone’s relationship, you should tread carefully on thin ice. Steph Strayer took a bulldozer and went full-speed ahead with no regard for the delicacy of the matter and how it might make the wronged wife feel knowing that this is all over the Internet.

        If you know your married friend is being betrayed or mocked, you should tell them. I agree.
        But you do so privately. Delicately.
        You don’t just announce it in front of the whole wide world.

        Forget the feelings of the cheating husband – he clearly has none. What I’m saying is if you come out with dramatic revelations like that, you need to take responsibility for what may crush this person’s entire world and be willing to be there for the aftermath to help them through recovery.

        Steph Strayer won’t be there. Neither will the 280,000+ strangers reposting the pic even as we speak. So what gives them/us the right to shatter someone’s life like that? Nothing.

      • realtalkrealdebate says :

        I think you aren’t striving for privacy if you are loudly boasting of your multiple affairs on a train or other public area.

        I totally agree with you that if I personally knew her I would tell her in private. We don’t know what was said. Maybe what he said, as well as his friends, was so outlandish and demeaning to their wives that she felt that she had to “out him.” Personally, I don’t know if I would have done the same. But my post was on her decision. Another thing I just thought about is he is actively risking her well-being because he could potentially contract STDs that he could unknowingly give to his wife. (and yes, we don’t know if Steph thought this out as much as we have on this blog)

        I disagree with your last statement in that Steph isn’t the one who shatter’s someone’s life. The man will have shattered his life. His marriage, etc. It is his decision to be promiscuous.

        Again, I understand your trepidation in overstepping. Your opinion is shared by many that have commented on here as well has emailed me.

        Thanks for your comments!

      • Kamil Zawadzki says :

        Infidelity is bad enough without the whole world wide web knowing about it.
        His infidelity and dishonestly does enough damage on its own to the wife and the relationship, WITHOUT the added humiliation of it becoming an online spectacle.

      • Kamil Zawadzki says :

        The point about STDs is a good one.
        And you’re right, it is HIS decision to be promiscuous.
        But while it was also HIS decision to talk about it on the train, it was NOT his decision to put it up on the Internet. That one’s on Steph.

        As you yourself just said, if you knew the wronged wife, you’d tell her in private.
        Trains aren’t private – but neither is social media. Social media is worse.

        You don’t tell someone their hubby’s cheating by shouting it from the rooftops for the whole neighborhood to hear hoping the wife you don’t even know is within earshot, too. Even IF it wasn’t your fault that the guy forgot to close the blinds and turn the lights off before doing the dirty deed with his latest lady of the night.
        Whatever he does, it doesn’t give you an excuse to throw discretion and caution out the window.

        The damage wrought by his infidelity is going to terrible enough. But you don’t think having the whole Internet know about it all before you even find out is going to hurt at all?

        It is bad enough this guy’s cheating or claiming he is. Why is it necessary for more than 280,000 people to pile on? It’s irrelevant whether or not WE think the wife would have reason to feel embarrassed. The humiliation of being the last to know before thousands of strangers is likely to be VERY REAL. It is likely to be hurtful more so to the wronged wife than the scuzzy husband. It’s unfair.

        And, again, neither Steph Strayer nor any of the other people reposting this pic will be there to comfort her once she does find out eventually. Unless she was lying through her teeth and there is a defamation lawsuit pending with her name on it, Steph gets to go on with her merry little life after this. As do the others reposting it.

      • realtalkrealdebate says :

        Most people that have seen this photo do not know who this man is. Most people will never know who this woman is. That is unless the husband, the wife or any close family or friend reveals the name to reporters.

        I believe her intention for the photo was to inform the wife or someone she knew of what was going on in her life that could potentially be dangerous to her life. We do not know if this woman ( that is if she even now knows) would EVER have found out otherwise for not this post. I think Steph felt she had no other choice because she had no means to find this woman.

  10. Alex says :

    Or maybe, some needy female was looking to get attention from guys on the train ride, didn’t get any for obvious reasons, perhaps she got some sort of insulting comment in her address… here comes a revenge story.

  11. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    Telling somebody their spouse is unfaithful should not be an easy task and should not be something done lightly. I think we all can agree on that.

    Here’s the thing… Just because YOU may not be the cheating scumbag DOES NOT mean you get to absolve yourself of the responsibility and potential repercussions of you sharing that information.

    The fault for the infidelity and possible collapse of marriage as a result lies with the cheater. That goes without saying.

    But you can’t pretend that the message itself is harmless and painless, either. It IS going to hurt the person you’re telling. Even if YOU’RE not the person actually CAUSING the pain.
    Which is why I’m so adamant on HOW you tell them. Which is why I disagree with the online shaming method Steph Strayer seems to utilize.

    The person you’re telling will be hurt and broken by the news. Even if you try to cushion the blow somehow, they don’t exactly make Hallmark cards for this. Even if you’re not the root cause of the pain, there WILL be pain for that person at this revelation. So, yes, at that moment, their life WILL be shattered. It may not be YOUR fault, but it IS going to hurt them.

    If you’re truly their friend, your duty to them DOES NOT start and end by notifying them of the betrayal – it continues in the aftermath of what will happen as a result of the revelations. Including, again, offering comfort and support.

    Will Steph be there to offer any of that? Unless the wronged wife speaks out after finding out and Steph reaches out to her, the answer is no. She can’t be. I can’t be. You can’t be. The people making the post viral can’t be.

    And I’d wager that if this DOES somehow cycle to a friend of hers before she sees it herself, that friend will try to tell her privately to shield her as much as humanly possible from the pain that will come. And that friend will be there, having her back. WE won’t be.

    So maybe WE should stay out of it. Same goes for Steph.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      I agree that this obviously isn’t the best method, but like I’ve been trying to say she had no other means to out this infidelity. If she did and resorted to this way I wouldn’t have supported her decision.

      The things that he and his idiot friends supposedly said must have been so disgusting that Steph felt like she was compelled to end his risky and immoral activities. We don’t know the whole situation.

      Moreover, she might have felt in a weird way complicit in the affair had she done nothing to help another woman learn the truth. I know a reason I would tell a friend is that in a weird way I would think that I am assisting in the affair because I’m keeping quiet.

      I don’t think this woman of again we may never know of should have anything to be embarrassed of.

      • Kamil Zawadzki says :

        Again, Steph Strayer was not a friend of this couple or this wife. She was a total stranger.
        And you agree this wasn’t the best way to convey such a message.
        That should tell us all we need to know. Stranger. No way to share this kind of info privately. So mind your own business.

        That brings me to another reason these kinds of revelations should only be attempted by close friends or family… TRUST.
        If it comes from somebody you trust without even needing to say so, it’s more likely that they wouldn’t try to lie to you about something like that. You’re probably going to trust them on this, too. You know them. They know you. They have credibility.

        Who the hell is Steph Strayer? Just some stranger on the train. A stranger who not only forces her way into other people’s business (sorry, but just because you CAN hear something does NOT mean it’s ANY of your business) but decided to air out someone else’s dirty details and face on Facebook. Steph has no authority with this wife. She has no credibility. She’s a ‘perfect’ stranger.
        Why should this wife believe a single word of her post? Hubby can just deny it. His friends can lie like they allegedly have been for a long time now and deny even being on that train (and who knows if they were – remember, only one guy was photographed and we only have Steph’s word to go on). And nobody said he HAS TO sue claiming defamation. It’s his word against hers. And if he’s able to play the doting husband in front of his partner while behind her back fooling around with everyone else, he may well pull the wool over her eyes even more tightly.

        Just because something’s online does not make it true. Manti Te’o thought he was in a relationship for months, for God’s sake! Steph posting this pic with all the allegations attached can mean nothing. And even if totally true, again, she’s a stranger. Not a trusted friend. So why should the wife believe anything she says?

      • realtalkrealdebate says :

        The wife doesn’t have to believe a word she reads. Again my entire argument is under the assumption he is a cheater. ( If he isnt she should be sued) If she chooses to ignore this pic then that’s her problems.

        If I knew this woman I’d handle it differently. Steph doesn’t know her. We don’t know all that was said. This husband in particular could have said something in particular that she found so troubling that she felt inclined to say something in the only means she could in where this woman could potentially ( remember we don’t know if this family even knows of this story; There are over 300 million people in this country) find out. He could have mentioned he has another family has no kids with this wife and screws around and has STDs unbeknownst to the wife. If that is the case then STeph could be protecting this woman’s life and possibly sparing her more grief from a longer affair and maybe prevent future children enduring a divorce. My point is we don’t know everything.

        This husband should realize practically everything you do in public isn’t private. Not in today’s society. We can argue all night and week about if this is her place or not; and frankly neither one of us is going to change our minds. Funny enough there are just as many people that agree with you that agree with me.

        Thank you for your comments! Hopefully you will agree with me on my next post 🙂

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