Baby Bachelor Part 5

Wesley the Baby BachelorThe last month I have posted the ongoing series known as “The Baby Bachelor.”  The hilarious spoof of ABC’s “The Bachelor” is a weekly segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”  I find these videos great and entertaining.

Here is the final installment in the saga that is “The Baby Bachelor:”

I am disappointed Wesley picked Jesse.  But, then again this show spoofs the Bachelor.  And we all know the “dating” reality show isn’t very good at pairing long-term pairings.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these videos.  Stay tuned until next week’s viral video of the week.

What do you think of Wesley’s choice?

Here are the previous episodes if you need to catch up:

The Baby Bachelor Episode 1

The Baby Bachelor Episode 2

The Baby Bachelor Episode 3

The Baby Bachelor Episode 4



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2 responses to “Baby Bachelor Part 5”

  1. Sara Ahmed says :

    What’s the song at 3:17?!

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