5 Facts about the 4th of July

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

1.  Two Founding Fathers Have Died on this Day

Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on July 4, 1826.  The Founding Fathers were instrumental in creating the principles of this great nation.  It’s rather ironic they both die on America’s most celebrated day.

Calvin Coolidge

2.  President Calvin Coolidge was Born on this Day

America’s 30th president was born on July 4, 1872.  He is the only president to be born on this date.  He shares a birthday with current First Daughter Malia Obama.  She was born in 1998.

hot dog

3.  Americans Love their Hot Dogs

America’s Independence Day is the biggest Hot Dog Holiday of the year.  Americans alone consume about 155 million of them.

Liberty Bell

4.  The Liberty Bell hasn’t been rung since 1846

The Liberty Bell hasn’t been rung since 1846 because of fears it would crack.  Instead, every year, to mark the Fourth of July, the 2,000-pound bell is tapped 13 times to signal for bells across the country to start ringing.

Bald eagle

5.  Benjamin Franklin didn’t like the Bald Eagle as the symbol of America

In a letter to his daughter Sarah Bache in 1874, Franklin explained of his dislike with the Bald Eagle.  He thought the bird was of “bad moral character” and of one which did not get “his living honestly.”  The bird was a bit too lazy for his taste.  Franklin instead wanted the turkey to be the country’s state bird.  (IMAGINE THAT)  Franklin argued the turkey was a “true original of Native America.”   He said turkeys were brave birds that held no fear in protecting their land.  I for one I’m happy this never came to fruition.

Source: Huffington Post

Do you know of any other interesting facts?

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4 responses to “5 Facts about the 4th of July”

  1. JF Owen says :

    I don’t know. Like everyone, my chest puffs up a bit when I see a bald eagle flying majestically through the skies. But, there’s something oddly poetic about having the turkey as our national bird.

    Not many of our politicians look like eagles, but quite a few look like turkeys.

    Still, I do like that eagle.

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