Decatur School Principal Shames Female Students for Wearing “Short Shorts”

Decatur Classical School

Parents of students at the Decatur Classical School in Chicago’s Rogers Park are furious at the school principal.  Susan Kukielka is the principal.  During an assembly on the last day of school, seven girls were given an “award.”  They were brought forth in front of the school assembly.  There they were given an “award” and told they “were not girls of distinction because their shorts are too short.”

The public shaming left the girls in tears and their parents demanding the principal’s resignation.  She has since apologized. 

Personally, I don’t really care if she apologizes.  Her actions were completely and utterly inappropriate.  She should have to resign.  Now I don’t know if the girls had been forewarned during the school year to wear longer shorts, but that still is not a reason to SHAME them in front of the school.  The school doesn’t have a dress code.

If this principal had a problem with their attire she should have addressed it with their parents.  Not in front of the school!  She should have also brought it up at a local PTA meeting that she wanted some restrictions in the school’s dress code.

It’s pretty simple what the professional and appropriate action in this case should have been.  Since she failed to execute her authority with the utmost respect for her students I think she should be fired.  She can apologize all she wants, but the psychological damage has already been done to these girls.  They were basically told by their principal that they dress like “sluts.”  In front of their peers, mind you.

Here’s a picture sent by a parent of what her daughter “normally” wears:

example of the shorts

I don’t think they are super short.  But that’s my opinion.  Again if she had a problem she should have addressed it in PRIVATE.

What do you think?


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4 responses to “Decatur School Principal Shames Female Students for Wearing “Short Shorts””

  1. JF Owen says :

    Off with her head! Well, that might be too extreme, but a principle should know better than to do something like that in a public forum.

    As to losing her job, I think as a society we’ve lost sight a bit as to what represents proper punishment for “social” offenses. I think the apology is a reasonable start. A demotion. maybe. A postponement of any planned salary increase for a year, reasonable. Remedial training, absolutely. Administrative punishment like extra duty, I agree with that too.

    Losing your ability to make a living or feed your family over a social gaffe is too much of a price to pay for a first offense. If she doesn’t learn her lesson, well then it’s a different story.

  2. gardenaki says :

    Many girls nowadays do dress inappropriately at school so that is something that can be limited if the schools had more restrictions. I don’t think the principal should be fired. I think that she could have addressed the situation differently. Maybe parents should try to pay attention to how their daughters dress a little closer if they are so embarrassed of what happened to their daughters now.

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