Top 10 All-Time Songs

Every week I will be posting a list of my “Top 10” favorites in whichever category suggested by you the reader.  This week I am offering to you my favorite songs.  In addition, I’ve included my favorite performance of each song.  The performances aren’t necessarily from the artist who originally sang the song.

Hope you enjoy!

At Last

1.  At Last (1941)

The song written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren was most notably covered by Etta James in 1960.  The sweet and soothing melody is as perfect as one can manage in a song.  It is a true classic in every semblance of the word.  There aren’t many videos of Etta singing this song, so I’ve reluctantly had to settle for the studio version.  Nonetheless, the magic of song speaks for itself.


Bohemian Rhapsody

2.  Bohemian Rhapsody (1975)

This is one of my favorite songs from the British band, Queen.  Unlike most songs, this favorite has no chorus.  It also has the distinction of being one of the most elaborate recordings in music history (you only need to watch the first five minutes.  I am not sure what happened to the video afterwards).  I simply cannot stop smiling and pretending I’m in a rock band every time I hear this song.  (Not that I’m any good of course)



3.  Hallelujah (1984)

Leonard Cohen’s masterpiece is one of my favorite songs.  Jeff Buckley’s beautiful rendition popularized the song into the mainstream.  Buckley’s version is my favorite.  There have been many great versions sung on singing shows (i.e. Carly Rose Sonenclar on XFactor), but this is still my favorite.  The simplicity of the melody and the power of the lyrics form a blend unmatched by another song.  Interesting enough I first heard this song on the TV show “One Tree Hill.”


2006 edition

2006 edition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4.  Dance With My Father (2003)

The late R&B singer/songwriter Luther Vandross wrote a song dedicated to his late father.  Anyone that has lost a parent can understand the emotional impact from listening to these lyrics.  My father died when I was 11 and I have many times since listened to this song.  In fact I listen to this song every year on the anniversary of his death.  The version I chose was sung by Tamyra Gray.  I chose it because it was the first version I heard of the song and the one I’ve since come to listen to many times.


Ray Charles

5.  Georgia on my Mind (1960)

This is my favorite Ray Charles song.  I wish someone would sing a song of such passion about my hometown Chicago.  Regardless, this song is a classic.  And it most certainly deserves to be on my all-time favorite song list.



6.  Listen (2007)

This is my favorite Beyonce song.  The song was produced and released in the soundtrack for “Dreamgirls.”  I think this is the best version of the song.


Billie Jean

7.  Billie Jean (1982)

Michael Jackson released the song in his 1982 album, Thriller.  I remember reading that this song almost didn’t make it on the album because of a disagreement between Jackson and producer Quincy Jones.  I am glad Jackson won.  The version I chose is the David Cook version.  I think it is the best cover of the song; and truth be told, I like this version better than the original.



8.  Rolling in the Deep (2010)

“Rolling in the Deep” is probably Adele’s most popular song.  The song is the perfect song for those enduring a broken heart.   My favorite performance of the song is when she sang it at the 2012 Grammy’s.  I couldn’t find a decent video of that performance so I’ve decided to post my next favorite live performance.  This performance wasn’t in front of crowds of adoring fans.  It was in the studio of a Netherlands radio show.  It didn’t really matter.  Adele is one of the rare artists that doesn’t need all the hoopla to sound great.


The Wizard Of Oz

9.  Over the Rainbow (1939)

The Academy Award winning song was most famously sung by Judy Garland in the “Wizard of Oz.”  It has since been covered numerous of times.  My favorite performance of the song was by Katharine McPhee.


Because of You (Kelly Clarkson song)

Because of You (Kelly Clarkson song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

10.      Because of You (2004)

The song was first written by a 16-year-old Kelly Clarkson.  She refined the song for her sophomore album “Breakaway” with the help of Ben Moody and David Hodges.  This is my favorite song.  It is also sung by my favorite artist.  Once again the song almost didn’t make the album.  The record producers didn’t think it could be “commercial enough.”  I am glad Kelly won this fight.  I never tire of hearing this song.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I have to state that creating this list was extremely difficult.  I love music even more so than movies, so I really struggled to narrow the list to just ten.  Again I think I should mention that these are my favorite songs of all-time.  I understand and acknowledge that I have left many songs off the final list.

*Make sure to check my other lists by browsing through the homepage. 

What do you think of my list?

Which songs would you include?


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  1. Maria says :

    I LOVE this list!! 🙂

  2. naduni7 says :

    I love all of these songs! You’ve got good taste. 😉

  3. mummyflyingsolo says :

    What an eclectic list!

  4. Elly Drake says :

    Very impressed with how diverse this list is!

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