Aaron Osmond, Utah State Senator, Advocates an End to Mandatory Education

Aaron OsmondState Senator Aaron Osmond (R-UT) recently wrote on his blog that he thinks education shouldn’t be mandatory.  He thinks that mandating education has made parents disengaged in their child’s education and has subsequently forced teachers to overtake their parental responsibilities.

Sen. Osmond (Donnie and Marie Osmond’s nephew) wrote:

“Some parents completely disengage themselves from their obligation to oversee and ensure the successful education of their children. Some parents act as if the responsibility to educate, and even care for their child, is primarily the responsibility of the public school system. As a result, our teachers and schools have been forced to become surrogate parents, expected to do everything from behavioral counseling, to providing adequate nutrition, to teaching sex education, as well as ensuring full college and career readiness.

Unfortunately, in this system, teachers rarely receive meaningful support or engagement from parents and occasionally face retaliation when they attempt to hold a child accountable for bad behavior or poor academic performance.”

Furthermore, the state senator believes parents should decide if their children attend school and how many hours they attend in a school year.

Reading comments like these from anyone, let alone a state senator,never ceases to  dumbfound me.  I have to take a moment and wonder how these people got elected.  I think in this case his celebrity family certainly helped.  Sen. Osmond thinks that disengaged parents will miraculously become engaged when their children no longer have to go to school.  I’m trying to understand that logic.

Education should be a right ensured by our government.  Altering education as not mandatory would only greater distort the income disparity in this country.  I think it is feasible to think that children of wealthier families will continue to attend schools (with now potentially even better teachers).  If there is less demand for teachers than many schools will close; thus making schools more scarce and unavailable for many communities.

If education isn’t mandatory, then what makes Osmond believe this disengaged parent will provide an alternative education.  This disengaged parent he speaks of could very well ignore seeking any adequate alternative and this child may now spend the rest of their lives never ascending their family’s current status (financial, economic, etc.).

Another point ignored by the senator is the fact that parents can in fact home-school their children.  So they don’t have to go to school.  There should however be a requirement that every child in this country receive a basic education.  Any alternative to that bare necessity is ill-advised.

What do you think of his opinion?

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17 responses to “Aaron Osmond, Utah State Senator, Advocates an End to Mandatory Education”

  1. JF Owen says :

    Well, your analysis is flawless, so I’m not going to add anything to that.

    However, I’m just really perturbed right now. I like Marie Osmond a lot. Now that I know that insanity runs in her family, it takes some of the luster off of that. Hmmm, maybe the insanity married in. Sigh, at least I can hope.

  2. ronarruejo says :

    I believe that all conservatives should fund education to infinity (with at least mandatory access until secondary school). The only problem is that the results from education will not affect them politically. Better educated students will lead to a better economy, but because the cause-and-effect are at least 20 years apart and the costs are front-loaded, it’ll be a political loser. Education should be viewed not as spending money, but as investing in the future.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      It sadly isn’t by many of our politicians. If only they understood the reality of the situation. We won’t progress as a nation if we ignore a segment of our populace.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger says :

    Homeschooling is already a choice in the state in which I reside. I assume it is a choice in Utah, as well. I believe the irony is lost on Senator Osmond (I love that statement). If the parents he believes are disengaged by sending their kids off to school, would a state law not mandating their children obtain an education present an opportunity for further disengagement? This proposal also seems to speak to a world where all households contain two (2) – for emphasis – highly-educated parents, matched suitably, with one parent pursuing their dreams and ambitions, lands employment or builds a company that provides ample resources to comfortably care for their family, and their perfect mate, seeks further education, for the sole purpose to become a home-school teacher. And now with the implosion of an entire institution (k-12), and the displacement of the social interactions learning process (student government, sports, field trips, rallies, etc.) needing to be rebuilt, and the structure that the school day brings to the students, and the neighborhood and the parents in doubt, now we can focus on the stress level of the people in the state senator’s perfect world, Those with platforms, especially those that have a large reach, should cherish the influence that has been entrusted with them. An idea like this has no chance for survival or success, So then what becomes the purpose, if not self-serving. Yet another irony, since the job of a state senator is to serve the public, and give freely of ones’ self.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Wonderfully said. You managed to state my opinion on the matter in a more eloquent manner.

      It is sad our politicians don’t think of the things they say or propose. It’s all about their reelection prospects.

      Thanks for the comment!

      • Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger says :

        Your points were made clearly, I just felt strongly about this article and let my thoughts flow, supporting those of yours. Your forum, clean of divisive rhetoric. offers readers a wonderful opportunity to state their opinions without fending off unwarranted or unwanted personal attacks. I applaud you and your readers. It enables everyone to read the article and the comments with the feel of a fist fight. Again, I thank you for offering a blog with so many important issues to be discussed, and who knows, perhaps solved.

    • mariampera says :

      Exactly, Kendall. Rock on.

  4. gardenaki says :

    What a stupid comment coming from a senator! I agree with you. Education is very important and should be mandatory.

  5. mariampera says :

    The problem is he thinks that parents who are disengaged from their children’s mandatory education will be more involved if it wasn’t mandatory. That just doesn’t make sense. If parents don’t care about their kids, they ain’t gonna care about their kids. Problem is we got too many people having kids who don’t care about how the kids grow up. Hurrah for birth control! (And honestly sometimes I would like us to implement some sort of population control–that is how many crappy parents I’ve been witness to in life.)

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