Amanda Berry’s decision to go out garners criticism

Amanda Berry and family attend Cleveland eventAmanda Berry, along with Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus, were rescued in May after being held captive for over a decade. Charles Ramsey assisted the girls in leaving their tormentor. The three girls have been recovering ever since. Last month they released a video thanking all their supporters.

Yesterday, fellow blogger The Limber Lawyer shared a article via Twitter. This past weekend Amanda Berry was invited and attended Cleveland’s annual RoverFest. Alongside her family Amanda tried to enjoy a night out. What she didn’t expect and what she certainly didn’t deserve was the vitriol spewing online about her public appearance.

One commentator wrote: “It’s just odd given the years of abuse she suffered. Normally she would not have that kind of trust or comfort. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t make sense.” Another wrote: “It seems to me she was enjoying it and is gonna use her ordeal to cash in.” There were other comments I don’t feel appropriate to share on this blog. Nevertheless the consensus that was concluded was that it was inappropriate for Amanda Berry to be out and enjoying herself.

I guess these people think this woman should be hiding so she can “recover” from something most people can never understand. So is Amanda supposed to be in hiding? I don’t know but maybe this young woman wants to begin living in some semblance of normalcy. Last time I checked going out is a NORMAL activity for young adults. Maybe, just maybe, her night out is in fact aiding in her recovery. Just a thought. What Amanda Berry does with her life, where she decides to eat and what she decides to do with her time is really none of anyone’s business, but her own.

This morning I read a message from an idiot who commented on my Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus video by asking if these girls had been declared “mentally retarded.” I momentarily thought about replying by asking if the commentator had been declared incompetent himself; but I quickly realized it was a waste of my time to engage with someone not worthy of my time.

I hope Amanda and the other girls continue to take steps in their recovery. I hope people begin to realize that this is THEIR recovery. I hope people will give these girls their privacy; especially after being tormented by a maniac who had the nerve to say this in court today:

I am not a violent person. I simply kept them there without them being able to leave.

What do you think?


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14 responses to “Amanda Berry’s decision to go out garners criticism”

  1. Theodora Goritsan says :

    The captor was a very sick individual!! The fact that these women are alive and continuing with their lives is a miracle itself. I commend Amanda for going out and living her life. The ignorant people should mind their own business.

  2. Nancy says :

    It is great these girls are able to leave their homes & finally enjoy life. I’m sure they are getting the all psyche help they need. I hope they travel world as one of the girls wishes to do. You go girls!

  3. mummyflyingsolo says :

    I think you are spot on. Leave them alone! Let them EXPERIENCE LIFE for crying out loud. Maybe going out now is too soon but maybe not and they will only know this by trying. I imagine the whole experience is probably a big adrenaline rush for them so it is hard to know what feels right. I think good for her that she went to experience life a little. She has about a gazillion years in therapy ahead of her and critics like the ones you mentioned simply do not help.

  4. Erica says :

    There whole lives were taken from them. There own choices were taken from them for that sick individual to satisfy his needs let those women live. They accumlated so much hate for him that maybe living there lives against all the restrictions and torment they faced in those years is healing for them

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