Illinois Lawmakers care…about their paychecks of course

Scott Stantis cartoon of Mike MadiganLast month I posted of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s decision to freeze the pay of Illinois lawmakers until they reach a solution to the state’s ballooning, self-manufactured pension crisis.  Gov. Quinn is weary of state lawmakers’ excuses in their inability to resolve the crisis.  The only solution state lawmakers have managed to pass is the formation of a committee to find a solution.

No, you did not incorrectly read that last sentence.  A committee to find a solution.  Yes, that’s their grand solution.  I hope Illinois taxpayers know that this is the “best” our politicians have managed to legislate on this issue in over eighteen months of “negotiations.”

Recently, Illinois State Comptroller Judy Barr Topinka stated that the state would in fact withhold the paychecks of Illinois lawmakers, because of the line-item veto enacted by the governor.  This action as you can imagine has motivated our lawmakers to go to work.  And by work I mean they are now suing Gov. Quinn for their paychecks.

Instead, of using the month of notice they had to reach a deal, Speaker of the House Mike Madigan (really the most powerful politician in Illinois) and State Senator John Cullerton are urging to judicial courts that what Gov. Quinn is attempting is unconstitutional.

Well you know what “gentlemen,” you failing to do your jobs on a daily basis is unconstitutional.  I believe you took an oath of duty to the people of Illinois and not to yourselves.

I have argued since last year, that the only way to motivate politicians is to target their entitlements.  After all why should politicians care about doing their job if they are entitled to bountiful vacations (by the way they are going on vacation again) and guaranteed pensions.  It’s certainly interesting how their entitlements are guaranteed, while they leverage the average taxpayer’s pension on an annual basis.  Illinois is the worse in the nation when it comes to unfunded pension liability.  It is because of this debacle that the state’s credit rating continues to plummet.

I salute my governor, begrudgingly so since I am not a fan of his, for at least trying something beyond the norm.  I can’t say the rest of these politicians are doing the same.

Mr. Speaker and Sen. Cullerton, maybe instead of wasting your time suing our governor, you instead focus your time on actually accomplishing your job.  Decrying that your families will go hungry is pretty laughable, since most of you get paid stipends simply for being in various committees.  It’s rather simple.  Do your job and you get paid.   Don’t do your jobs and continue to incessantly, whine like toddlers.  I wonder how many other jobs are entitled with sweet benefits even when the employee fails to address anything on the boss’s “To-Do-List.”

Would you still have a job if you failed to do the most essential task you are assigned and expected to accomplish? 

If so, please do share.  It would be nice to know of a place that I don’t have to do anything, yet still get paid handsomely.


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2 responses to “Illinois Lawmakers care…about their paychecks of course”

  1. mariampera says :

    Yep. Nuff said.

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