We’re the Millers (2013)

Casey, David and Kenny MillerWhen low-level drug dealer David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) is robbed of his marijuana and cash he is forced by his boss (Ed Helms) to smuggle drugs across the Mexican border.  He quickly realizes that alone he looks very suspicious.  After seeing a prototypical happy family in an RV he plots to cross the border with a make-shift “family.”  His “wife” is Rose (Jennifer Aniston) his stripper neighbor, his “daughter” Casey (Emma Roberts) is the homeless teen outside his apartment and his “son” Kenny (Will Poulter) is the 18-year-old virgin neighbor.

While the trip to fetch the drugs wasn’t much of a problem, the trip back to Denver proves otherwise.  Especially after the Millers learn the drugs they took wasn’t actually meant for David’s boss.  They in fact have stolen drugs from a Mexican drug cartel.

Since its premiere last weekend, the movie has received mixed reviews from critics.  I am happy to say that many critics were wrong on this one.  The movie as a whole was pretty hilarious.  There weren’t only one or two “funny” lines.   Now I wasn’t laughing as loudly as the hyena-like woman sitting next to me, I certainly enjoyed the comedic writing.

Jennifer Aniston as Rose

This is probably Aniston’s best performance since her days on Friends.  The real star of the show though has to be Poulter’s portrayal of the naïve teen.  The movie was flawlessly cast.  The writing was consistently, comical throughout the movie.  I especially liked the joke about Lebron James.

If you are seeking a good laugh then this is the movie for you.  If Jennifer Aniston playing a stripper is something that interests you then this is the movie for you.  J  This isn’t the best comedy I’ve ever seen, but that’s okay.  It is one of the better movies I’ve watched this year.

I surprisingly enjoyed watching this film more so than Elysium.  Maybe it had something to do with my expectations.  Nevertheless, I recommend you go see this movie while it is still in theaters.   I think it is a good date-night movie (if you are looking for suggestions).  Something both men and women will like.

*Make sure you watch the “extra” credit scenes after the movie ends.  They play immediately at the end of the movie.   

MPAA Rating: R (this isn’t appropriate for children)

Running Time: 110 minutes

My Grade: B+

Have you seen the movie?

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