Jimmy Kimmel Reveals “Worst Twerk Fail EVER” was a Hoax

Jimmy Kimmel Earlier this week, late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel revealed during his show that a viral video released months prior of a girl catching on fire while trying to “twerk” was simply an elaborate hoax to “prove” the media would cover a non-story.

Here’s the clip from the show:

I have to admit that I had thankfully managed to avoid the news coverage of this ridiculous story.  I do find it somewhat incredulous that this viral video was mentioned on the actual news.

A friend of mine did bring up the point that most of the clips Kimmel shows in his coverage are either from shows that are more “entertainment” based or simply filler for the last few minutes of the broadcast.  As he said, “It’s not like this video was the leading story on any reputable news program.”  I think that’s a great point. 

I do remember fast forwarding this “news” story during reputable news programs though.  It might not have been during their leading segments, but it was still covered nonetheless.  With everything happening in the world (i.e. Syrian crisis as one example) and our multitude of domestic frailties I don’t think the video should have been mentioned on any news program.

What do you think?

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2 responses to “Jimmy Kimmel Reveals “Worst Twerk Fail EVER” was a Hoax”

  1. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    Are you sure that friend of yours wasn’t me? Hehe.
    That is exactly my issue with Kimmel’s ‘big reveal.’

    The clips in the montage that were from hard newscasts, the time stamps, where visible, reveal that these were indeed filler fluff at the very end of the news show (6:51 in the first clip; 4:50 in another). This is what the broadcast news media call a ‘kicker.’ A light-hearted way to end a newscast, some little mini-feature on a non-controversial trend including these days viral social media stuff that can be cut from the program is one of the previous segments goes overtime. This is not primetime billing.

    If anything, it’s just another way local news media are trying to get hip with what’s hot on social media and the Internet. Hoax or not, this video still got 9 million views, countless shares, and as a very light story that had the prominence of numbers was ample opportunity to throw in a random little fluff piece at the end if they had time to banter. Turns out, sometimes the producers stacking the newscast get the timing exactly right so they DON’T have to toss the crap at the end.

    Many morning newscasts at stations and markets nationwide also precede the morning/daytime talk shows, which is why it’s also seen as a more natural segue to end the morning newscasts with a light-hearted kicker leading into a light-hearted, soft news, featurey show. Which is also where the majority of the rest of the clips in Kimmel’s montage came from – morning talk shows. This is kind of what those shows are for – talk about the news but also talk about what everyone else is gabbing about, including the not-so-newsy things like viral videos and trends. Hell, the clip from the Today Show is from its fourth hour, the very last hour, with Kathie Lee and Hoda. I mean there ya have it.

    So for one thing, Kimmel is drawing these clips from the bottom of the news rundown and from entertainment talk shows – of course, he doesn’t say this and unless you’ve studied or work(ed) in the field, you might not notice right away. The people commenting on the Upworthy post certainly didn’t notice.
    So he’s actually making a fool not just of news media but of the audience watching news media and his own show – he’s relying on their ignorance about how the stuff is made to lead them toward a conclusion that paints journalists as a whipping boy. That is extremely disingenuous and pisses me off as a journalist.

    The other thing that the montage doesn’t mention by the default of its design is even more important than my bruised ego as someone ‘in the know:’
    What else was covered during the news hour on each of the stations he lampooned? No word on that. Kimmel selectively ignores the rest of the newscast and essentially implores everyone else to do the same and not even acknowledge whether or not they actually DID cover Syria earlier that day. Nor do we know if they covered any hard-hitting, impactful local news. I bet you that in between the weather updates and sports blocks, they had some good stories in there. But Kimmel’s video editors can’t fit all that into a quick montage and it doesn’t the message he wanted to send, so forget all of that. It’s so dishonest.

    If you zero in on just the kicker of a newscast, of course you might go ‘what the hell? This isn’t news! What a waste!’ But that demands that you selectively ignore the rest of the product the reporters and producers on staff put out, which may well be top-quality (and in LA, if it’s not top-notch, someone’s paycheck is in jeopardy – there’s no amateur hour in the nation’s #2 TV market).

    As I said in my own Facebook post about this, it’s totally fair for news consumers to look at their news critically and offer criticism when needed. If anything, it can help us news folks do our jobs better and meet audience demands (in print, subscriptions are key – and in broadcast, ratings are crucial). It’s very welcome when the audience demands hard news.

    But make sure that criticism is informed, not misled. Kimmel misled his fans with this video – and I’m not talking about the hoax itself. I don’t recall if Kimmel lampooned CNN for putting Miley Cyrus twerking in the lead spot of its website or Anderson Cooper for covering it the next day. If he didn’t, he missed a legit opportunity.

    It’s one thing to compile a dozen or so clips of bloopers or silly moments from live news – I laugh at those damn things all the time. But if that’s what you’re doing, admit it. Don’t try to turn it into some big message about how horrible news is when you’re the one picking and choosing what evidence you offer to the masses.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Yup, I was referring to you. 🙂

      I love how your comment is(as are many of them) longer than my actual post. lol

      I think you bring up several good points. Thanks for the input. It helped guide this post.

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