Rush (2013)

Rush“Rush” is Ron Howard’s latest movie.  It depicts the real life story of Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) and James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth).  James Hunt has an insatiable need for consumption.  Be it alcohol, drugs, sex, or his need for speed.  He is the stereotypical playboy athlete.  Conversely Niki Lauda is socially awkward, wildly brilliant, eternally serious and at times a terrible introvert.  The opposing personalities create an interesting dichotomy which eventually fuels the fierce rivalry between the two Formula One race car drivers.   

The movie focuses on the 1976 Formula One season.  A cataclysmic crash forever changes the main characters.  (I would recommend not researching much into the film so as to create more suspense for the final race)  Hemsworth does a fine job portraying the impulsive driver, while Brühl does the best acting in his work as the Austrian challenger.  The movie has many intangibles that make it good.  It has the drama, the action, the humor, the intriguing plot.  However, there are some parts that felt lacking.  Personally I would have preferred a deeper evaluation of the main characters.  I was far more interested in their personal lives than in some of the earlier races.  Although I should note this may be more a reflection of my nonchalance when it comes to cars.

I had a difficult time arriving to an overall grade for this movie.  There is some intangible that I can’t seem to put into words.  Sometimes you watch a movie and you just know that it could have been better.  That’s my overall impression of this film.  While definitely a solid outing for Howard, I think the veteran director could and should have done a better job in delving into character development.

Niki Lauda practicing at the Nürburgring durin...

Niki Lauda practicing at the Nürburgring during the 1976 German Grand Prix. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I felt the first part of the movie dragged a bit, while it quickly picked up from then until the end; probably because it took that long to begin the 1976 races.  I was never bored watching this film.  While commendable performances from both lead actors, I don’t believe either actor deserves an Oscar nomination.  Nor do I think the film or Howard deserve the esteem recognition.  I write that only because I had read early Oscar buzz surrounding this film.

Should you go watch it this weekend?

I think you should go to the theaters this weekend only if you are really interested in racing.  Otherwise I would wait for upcoming weekends.  I wouldn’t pay a night admission for this film.  This weekend I would recommend you watch Prisoners.

Again while a good movie it certainly is not exceptional.  Don’t be in any rush to see it.

MPAA: R (sexual content, nudity, some disturbing images and language)

Running Time: 122 minutes

My Grade: B-

Have you seen the movie?


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