Pressure mounts for the Washington Redskins to be renamed

Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

For the better half of this year, NFL owner Dan Synder has consistently been pressured by activist groups to change the name of his professional team.  The Washington Redskins is the current moniker for the D.C. team.  Ray Halbritter of the Oneida Nation met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Dan Synder in an attempt to reach a compromise.  The outrage for the team name is literally derived from its meaning.  The word “Redskin” as defined by Merriam-Webster is “Native American” although in a usually offensive manner.

In 1937, the team which first originated as the Boston Braves moved to Washington D.C.  The owner at the time decided to change the name, unbeknownst and careless to the historical references of the word.  Dan Synder has remained firm that he has no plans to ever change the name.  He would like to continue the proud tradition of his team.

I am not really sure how he can be so proud to tout a racial epithet as his team name.  It would be very easy to change the name of the team.  I understand we live in a politically correct society.  I am not one to usually give into this correctness, but I think in this particular case it surpasses the normalcy of such discrepancies.  The only reason, I suspect, the name hasn’t been changed is that the Native American society is a minority in this country.  Imagine if a NFL team was named after another racially offensive term.  Suppose one used the “N word.”  Even though today’s youth uses the word not always in an offensive manner it doesn’t deter from the fact of the historical significance of the word.  So because it doesn’t offend a large enough group Synder doesn’t feel the need to do the right thing.

Purely from a business perspective I think the man is foolish.  Changing the team name would amount to a resurgence in apparel sales and would energize the fan base.  I think Synder should change the name, via with a name of his choosing or by creating a competition amongst the fan base to create a new name.  It is the right thing to do. 

Should Synder change the team name?


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2 responses to “Pressure mounts for the Washington Redskins to be renamed”

  1. JF Owen says :

    My thought on this is no, the Redskins shouldn’t have to change their name. This isn’t a new controversy. In 2004, The Annenberg Public Policy Center did a survey of Native Americans and found that 90% did not object to the name “Redskins”. I suspect that if the same survey were done today, that that approval percentage would drop somewhat due to all of the publicity, but I also suspect that the overwhelming majority would not be offended.

    Unlike the “N” word which is totally pejorative, the term redskins, while still having some negative connotations, also projects an image of a fierce warrior. That is precisely the effect that team owners and schools intended when Native American names were chosen.

    Where will the political correctness end? Are the Kansas City Chiefs next? Will Florida State University have to change their name from the Seminoles because 10% of the Seminole population thinks that it portrays them in a violent, warlike light? Will the Clemson Tigers, Michigan Wolverines and Miami Dolphins have to change their names because PETA views them as prejudicial to animal rights? At some point we have to start asking ourselves the question, when does political correctness fail the test of reason?

    As a side note, I have Native American ancestry. My great-great-great grandmother was a full blooded Seneca and my father still identified himself as a Seneca and maintained ties with the tribe. I grew up listening to the proud stories he told of Seneca history and heritage.

    The Seneca, still a force in Native American politics today, were one of the original five tribes that made up the Haudenosaunee or Five Tribes of the Iroquois League. My family was of the turtle clan. It’s seldom taught, but the Iroquois system of government had a substantive influence on the development of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    The Iroquois also have a matriarchal system. I guess that’s why I don’t rail much against my wife telling me what is and isn’t in my best interests. It’s in my DNA.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      The difference I think is literally the visual you get from the word Redskins. I see how it could be construed in a negative connotation. The other names you mention are names of tribes or of animals. I don’t think that is the same thing as in this case. But I also understand your point. A couple of months ago I was going to write about this very topic and I had set upon agreeing with you. But since then my opinion has changed. The word literally has “negative connotation” in the dictionary. It would be much simpler and easier for the name change.

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