“Brown Thursday” and L.A. is on “Storm Watch”

Jimmy Kimmel highlighted L.A.’s “Storm Watch” this past week.  He also shared his thoughts on “Brown Thursday.”


I hope everyone is alright over there in L.A.  Hopefully no one drowned from the
“onslaught” of rain.  🙂

Is he right?

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4 responses to ““Brown Thursday” and L.A. is on “Storm Watch””

  1. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    Live shots are always more interesting both to the people working on them and the people watching them… Plus, it’s nearly the end of sweeps and it’s all about keeping the people glued to your channel and not switching for the duration of the newscast – and having someone out of the studio, doing a live report, is just better for changing it up a little. Content matters but so do ratings. And people WANT weather in the local news they watch – you’d be surprised by the wide margins between people tuning in mainly for the weather segments and those tuning in for the local news or even local sports coverage. I’m talking 87% versus like 60% ‘approval.’

    But on this one I think I agree with Kimmel… it definitely seemed a bit too much for a little bitty bit of rain. The only indication that they were covering this so much because much more and worse was expected was the Fox reporter at the end there that was clearly put up on the big wall green-screen, and he barely even touched on that, which makes me wonder how severe the forecast was even looking.

    Weather is news. But it’s news when it’s potentially life-threatening like massive downpours causing flooding (not just wet sidewalks and “puddles forming” – that was the best!), or even steady rain and then a cold front icing roads over… If the big puddle that that car splashed through caused an accident, it’s news. If all it did was make a splash, it’s not.

    At the same time, again, weather events are news. In Chicago, everyone is used to snow and frigid, windy weather in the winter. But precipitation is still weather news and when it gets to a blizzard, that’s DEFINITELY news.
    In LA, the rain deserved mention in the weathercast- if there was more traffic than usual (and in LA, that’s a tall order), maybe an extra 30 seconds to talk about it – but not live reporters upon live reporters upon live reporters struggling to even find drizzle. And those poor photographers, bless their hearts, trying to make sure they get the video of those cars splashing through or trying to make a shot of a PUDDLE look as creative as possible… Their work was cut out for them.

  2. JF Owen says :

    Kimmel hit “Brown Thursday” on the head. My wife has worked in retail for three decades and has done everything form floor associate to store manager. She and I both hate “Black Friday.” It was bad enough when she had to get up at one AM to go into work on the day after Thanksgiving. This year, for the first time, she has to go to work Thursday night at seven, work until three AM, come home to sleep for a few hours and then be back at work at nine AM. There isn’t time in that schedule to spend any quality time with our own family.

    It’s my wife’s choice whether the job is worth the pain. So far she’s decided that it is. We’ll see what she thinks after working this schedule this holiday season.

    Brown Thursday is a desperate attempt of the retail industry to get a jump on the competition for shoppers. The problem is that, like all escalations, it only works for a short period of time. Sooner or later everyone catches up and all you’ve done is move the starting line a little further away from the finish.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      I read retailers are starting sales earlier because forecasters are predicting a drop in sales because more people won’t be spending as much money thus holiday season.

      The scenario you present with your wife is why I detest this circus. Hope you all enjoy some time together.

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