Kim Kardashian West poses for Paper Magazine

Kim Kardashian West has done it again. Kim posted a photo of her cover shot on Paper Magazine last night on her Instagram account alongside with the comment #BreaktheInternet. The photos immediately drew outrage and criticism from people who thought that they were not only lewd but inappropriate for a mother. The controversy consumed nearly every media and “news” outlet the next morning.

Readers of this blog know that I like to “Keep up with the Kardashians.” Despite the fact that I am not one of the millions of people annoyed with the family, at least not yet, I really don’t understand why people who supposedly don’t care about the Kardashians feel the need to comment of their distaste. If you don’t like Kim or her family there is a solution. Flip the channel, keep scrolling whenever you see them mentioned in an article or simply get a life. Because, frankly it’s incredulous to me when someone wastes time out of their life on neither things they supposedly don’t like nor care about. Life is much too precious and ephemeral for you to waste it on things you vehemently hate. It’s just a photo. Get over it.

These comments that somehow she should feel embarrassed because she is a mom are also kind of unfair. Just because she is a mom doesn’t mean she needs to wear a habit and lock herself in her house. Being a mom doesn’t make someone not sexy. I wonder if the same outrage is shown whenever a male or female actor shoots sexy, love scenes. Is that appropriate for their children?

Personally I think some of the people showing their displeasure are simply jealous of her. Maybe they are the same people who called her fat when she was pregnant. What dissenters don’t realize is that Kim has succeeded in what she sought to accomplish. The simple fact you are reading this post, have looked up the photos or commented on them is what she wanted (Hence #BreaktheInternet). In addition, people are still debating if she had butt implants. Even though she’s had an X-ray on her show to prove it is all natural, one has to ask themselves this simple question: Why do you even care? I watch their show and I don’t care.

Oh and by the way, had you ever heard of Paper Magazine before today? Because I sure I hadn’t. I think they achieved the goals they wanted. If you want her to go away, stop wasting your time talking and writing about her.


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