Disney’s “Frozen” is overrated

Disney’s Frozen is overrated.

Yes, I said it. Yes, I know it’s almost like saying Beyonce isn’t the greatest singer of all-time (hopefully the Beygency doesn’t read this blog).

You can put the pitch-forks away, because frankly I really don’t care if you think I am crazy. Unlike some people, I cannot say in a conscious state of mind that this movie is the best animated film of all-time. Because it is not. It’s not even the best animated film of the past decade (that’s a close battle between Up and Toy Story 3).

While I am surely causing some of you to convulse with rage I ask that you first read my thoughts on the movie.

I watched Frozen last night for the first time (I’m probably the last person on Earth who can say that). And while I watched it with two enthusiastic, little girls (of whom one proceeded to spoil each and every “favorite” scene of hers, which happened to be every scene of the movie, and the other who had an incessant and overwhelming sensation to sing along to each and every song) I couldn’t help but wonder if I was really watching the movie that was so highly touted.

Yes, I liked probably the most overplayed, yet enjoyable song of 2014: Let It Go. While overall the music was pretty good, it could not compensate for the weak plot. Similar to a film overstuffed with CGI (a.k.a. Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel) this film replaced actual plot-line with catchy songs. Sorry, that just doesn’t do it for me.

Anna tries to prevent an everlasting winter that Elsa accidentally creates. Everlasting winter…please…welcome to Chicago. I guess Elsa’s the reason there is a snowstorm heading our way.

My favorite character oddly enough was Olaf, the snowman. Many of the other characters fell flat with personality; while others like Anna seemed to have drunk one too many Red Bulls. Maybe she thought they’d give her wings.

Needless to say it doesn’t. I couldn’t help but feel let down by a movie that grossed over a billion dollars. I was left waiting for more.

As for some people’s claims that this was the best animated movie of all time I ask you to watch more than one movie in your lifetime, because there are plenty of better movies.

Here are but a few Disney films that are better than Frozen:

Toy Story and Lion King are among my all-time favorites



Beauty and the Beast



Mayim Bialik wrote an interesting post about her experience watching the film with her two young sons. At least I know I am not alone.

While Frozen is a good animated film, it’s not one of the best (let alone THE best)

Okay. I am ready for the calls to get checked out by a doctor.

What do you think of the movie?


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6 responses to “Disney’s “Frozen” is overrated”

  1. JF Owen says :

    As a huge WALL-E fan and the grandfather of two huge Frozen fans, I’m torn. So, I’m going to plead the 5th, slip into my office and drop WALL-E into the DVD drive on my computer.

    I consider you a good friend Angelo, so please take what I’m going to say now to heart. Courting the ire of one woman is dangerous. Courting the ire of about a billion prepubescent females is a death wish. If you see a horde of 6-10 year old girls chasing you from behind, please understand that it is not the largest Brownie troop in the world trying to catch you to sell girl scout cookies. Run,,,run like your life depends on it because, actually, it does.

    If you need a place to hole up for a couple of decades, I have a spare room.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      HAHA I knew when I wrote this that I may suffer some consequences. I have 3 nieces that LOVE, and I mean LOVE, this movie. All I heard them do over the course of the past year was sing the songs. And while “Let It Go” is really good, as are most of the other songs, my problem was with the movie itself. It’s good, it’s not the best.

      But I will definitely be looking out over the horizon. Luckily it seems Elsa has sent an cold storm my way, so I haven’t seen an mobs of little girls rushing my head. lol Good to know thought that I have options in case I need to hitchhike my way out of here. 🙂

      • Mariam Pera says :

        The *only* thing I actually liked about this movie is the message of true love existing between siblings. Much like the message behind *SPOILER ALERT* Maleficent, it broadened the definition of love to include people who may not be your “one true love” in the prince/princess sense of the word, but still love you with all their heart. That is almost a redeeming quality.

        Also, I feel like the entire movie may be a metaphor for being gay/in the closet? Elsa hiding her powers…? I don’t know why that comes through so strongly for me, and I actually think that’s a nice message.

        I’ll put it this way–I’d hate this movie less if I didn’t hear it being touted as the greatest animated movie ever, as you so smartly point out. Many, many better animated films. And also, Beauty and the Beast did not bring us the likes of this: http://www.buzzfeed.com/danielkibblesmith/let-it-grow-let-it-grooow#.nsllgPZBD. Nuff said!

      • realtalkrealdebate says :

        I didn’t get the whole being closeted theme. But I do agree that there are SO many better films. Simply overrated.

      • Mariam Pera says :

        There’s also an Elsa version of that game–who is the baby daddy, exactly??

  2. Mariam Pera says :

    Couldn’t love this post any more. SO GLAD you’re with me on this.

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