Top 10 Kelly Clarkson Covers

8th Annual ACM Honors - Show

Kelly Clarkson recently released her single “Heartbeat Song” on Monday. While I wait for her album to come out in March, here are some of my favorite covers of hers.

  1. Wide Awake-Katy Perry


  1. Lose Yourself-Eminem


  1. I Know You Won’t- Carrie Underwood


  1. Perfect- Pink


  1. Shake it Out- Florence & The Machine


  1. Always be my Baby-Mariah Carey


  1. Iris- Goo Goo Dolls


  1. Someone Like You-Adele


  1. Cryin-Aerosmith


  1. Up to the Mountain-Patty Griffin





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5 responses to “Top 10 Kelly Clarkson Covers”

  1. Mariam Pera says :

    Love this list! Love Kelly. Love this post. ❤

  2. JF Owen says :

    Well, that was an entertaining way to spend forty-five minutes. 🙂 Excellent list!

    P.S. I really do like Miriam’s hair! 😉

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