Donald Trump continues to prove he is irrelevant

It’s been a while since I last posted on a politics. With an upcoming, presidential election in 2016 I thought it a good time to get back into the thick of the hot-mess we call the American political system. Over the weekend, Donald Trump stated that he did not think Sen. John McCain (AZ-R) is a “war-hero.” He believes he only received this distinction because he got caught; and Donald doesn’t like people who get caught. These comments come on the heel of his controversial statements on the current state of illegal immigration. Trump believes that many of the country’s undocumented workers, specifically from Mexico, are criminals.

He is adamant and stubborn in not backing away from his staunch and polarizing words. Trump has convinced himself that he is a messiah of sorts and his words are testament. Reverting from his original thoughts and stances would be blasphemous. His comments on immigrants who have come over the border showcase his inept understanding of the complexities of the matter. His build a sky-high wall approach will not solve our problems. It’s infuriating that he demands the media’s attention which overshadows the more compassionate and realistic approaches to solving this problem from other members of the GOP.

In regards to the disparaging remarks towards Sen. McCain, they once again prove that Trump yearns for attention; much like a 5-year-old who is enraged when their younger sibling receives a share of their parent’s attention. In fact, he thrives in it. Typically people who don’t have many things of importance will try to make occasionally, outrageous comments so they control the media coverage. Sen. McCain is a war-hero. I don’t have to explain his merits. Just because we don’t recognize each soldier for their valor does not entitle us to belittle McCain. I don’t think Trump has ever served in the military. In fact, I read he avoided it by the use of deferments. So it makes me wonder how Trump doesn’t in the tiniest bit feel like a hypocrite for judging the intentions and bravery of something he has never done in his life. The only wars Trump has ever partaken are those of words.

Three years ago I noted that Donald Trump is irrelevant. Sadly, nothing has changed yet he still demands the majority of the political debate. Despite his at times cringe-worthy rhetoric citizens continue to posture for his favor. They continue to endorse him for president. I guess those people know nothing about politics, because Donald Trump will not become our president. He will be lucky if he can somehow repair his tarnished and fading brand.

Like Sarah Palin, I hope Donald Trump fades into perpetual obscurity. Our country faces many dire situations.

We don’t have time for circus acts.


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6 responses to “Donald Trump continues to prove he is irrelevant”

  1. Nancy says :

    So true, The Trumpster is like a two year old having a tantrum. It is his way or no way. I think being a businessman, he would do the country good, but you need tons of tact with all of the other countries and government officials, he is failing in that matter. He is making the poor GOP look like idiots. GOD HELP US!

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Exactly! I do not want him representing this country. Tact. That’s exactly what he lacks. How the heck is he leading the GOP? I find these numbers absurd. I would not vote for him. I’d vote Hillary in over him. Luckily it’s still early so hopefully he goes away, soon. Wouldn’t be the first time someone has an early lead only to fade into oblivion (i.e. Tim Pawlenty & Mike Huckabee).

  2. JF Owen says :

    I’m glad to see that you’re sticking your toe back to the political water! I totally agree with your assessment of “The Donald” and his long term ability to be a factor in American politics. Quite frankly he’s a joke and an embarrassment.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      It’s been way too long since my last political commentary. Recommitting to this blog. My production has been a bit lackadaisical this year. Need to get back on track. Plus political discussions is what sparked this blog. Just got to get Mariam start posting.

      Unfortunately, I don’t see Trump leaving the race just yet. I guess the added engagement by the public is a good thing. 4 more weeks until the next debate. Hope to write on the Democratic debate this October.

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