Cecil the lion dies at the hands of a cowardly dentist

Cecil the Lion's Brother, Jericho, Shot and Killed by Hunter in Zimbabwe (ABC News)

Cecil the Lion’s Brother, Jericho, Shot and Killed by Hunter in Zimbabwe (ABC News)

With the recent backlash over the death of beloved Zimbabwean lion, Cecil, many questions have been brought up in the media. Should the Minnesotan dentist be extradited to Zimbabwe? Should he be hanged as animal-rights group, PETA, recommends? Furthermore, why is there so much coverage over the death of a lion when there are so many Americans that tragically die on a daily basis and never garner any media coverage, let alone anger from the American population.

As most of you by now know, Walter Palmer is probably the most hated person in America. Palmer allegedly paid $50,000 to fly to Zimbabwe and “hunt” an African lion. Palmer and his cohorts lured the famous lion from his preserve using a dead elephant carcass. Palmer then used his bow and arrow to injure Cecil. Several hours later, after the creature began to succumb to its injuries, Palmer shot the lion with his gun. He then proceeded to marvel at his kill. Supposedly Palmer did not realize until after he had skinned and beheaded Cecil that the lion was indeed tagged for research. It was in fact illegal to poach this particular animal.

Palmer is now in hiding. It has also been reported that the dentist has killed a lion before and was almost imprisoned in the U.S. after killing an endangered black bear. Palmer maintains that he did not know that the lion was off-limits and he feels that it was his guide’s fault as to his mistake.

I don’t know if he is telling the truth. I personally don’t believe him. What I don’t understand is why it seemingly is legal to kill any lion. You would think that these majestic animals would be protected. I also don’t understand the thrill or the pride one gets in killing a lion. What exactly is so special about shooting an animal from hundreds of yards away? What does this say about the shooter other than they know how to use their weapon of choice?

I don’t see how this is an accomplishment. Big whoop you managed to kill a lion with your gun while standing a safe distance away from it. How about you walk towards the animal in your birthday suit and try to kill it with your bare hands. Any other scenario is cheating. Obviously some people lack in certain areas and need these farce “trophies” to enhance their small egos.

Earlier this week, late-night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, shared how he thinks we can make some good come out of this.

Hopefully something changes as a result of this news coverage.

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