Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Could Pose Major Impediment to her Presidential Campaign

Despite the recent rise of Bernie Sanders former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton remains the front-runner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton who this year joined the race for the country’s highest political office has been dogged by an investigation into her email server she used while in her cabinet position. The inquiry to access the candidate’s emails arose from the continuing investigation into the terrorist attack at the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

Clinton has until last week refused to hand over her email server to FBI officials refuting any wrong-doing. She maintains: “I’m confident that I never sent or received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received.” Officials are combing through the 30,000+ of emails to ensure that Mrs. Clinton’s decision to have a private server outside of the White House did not compromise national security.

According to the Washington Times, at least 60 emails so far contained “classified” information and 2 contained “top secret” info (the highest level of classified info). Clinton supporters argue that she has not lied to investigators and did not email information that at the time was “classified” on her personal server.

The investigation as to whether any federal laws were violated will take months to determine. Officials are also determining if Russia or China potentially hacked the server and were privy to national security details. In the end, Mrs. Clinton could very well be proven innocent of any wrong-doing or negligence.

However, in the event of that hypothetical I wonder how she can explain why she even had a server outside of the White House. Why take the risk? Is she too lazy to walk to the Situation Room and log in and read her emails? Is she too maverick to use secure lines as protected by our federal government? Even if she did nothing illegal I have to point out that what she did was pretty careless. As someone who usually leans to conservative candidates, but does not rule out voting for a Democratic nominee when that candidate is the best choice for our country I am disheartened by her actions. I will wait for the investigation to conclude, but I as of now I am weary of voting for a candidate who doesn’t take minimum precautions.

I’m sorry but your last name can only give you so much credibility. Show me solve resolve. Show me some basic competence. Show me that while in office you won’t carelessly jeopardize national security.


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12 responses to “Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Could Pose Major Impediment to her Presidential Campaign”

  1. Scott says :

    Let’s not forget how her emails might tie in with donations to the Clinton Foundation, particularly by foreign governments. Plus, her use of private server for government business alone makes her unfit for public office. With her time in government she certainly knew better than to do something like this. If she gets with this, like she has is for all her (and her husband’s) other scandals so far, why wouldn’t she even go further over the line next time? She’ll think she’s all the more bullet proof as a POTUS.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Thanks for the comment. That is certainly a concern, of which the Democratic party seems to try to belittle the importance of carelessness.

      • Scott says :

        Yes, careless, as in “I can get away with breaking the law whenever it suits me. Just look at all the bullets my husband and I have dodged so far if you don’t believe me. We’ve made millions just moving our lips and have yet to see a jail cell” kind of way.

      • realtalkrealdebate says :

        Did you see her press conference in NV? She seemed very irritated when pressed for answers on this issue. She’s probably realizing she isn’t invincible after all

      • Scott says :

        I didn’t. I’ll look it up. People should be leaving her camp the way everyone thought people would leave Trump’s camp, but didn’t.

  2. Mariam Pera says :

    Really interesting take on this. I pretty much agree with you, although given that we’ve voted as a country for people who sent us to war under false pretenses, I think it’s important to keep this all in perspective. Going to a non-White House server was careless, yes. Sending us to war for more than a decade with no real end in sight? Worse.

    The only thing I take any issue with in your write-up is suggesting that it’s only her last name that lends her credibility. I wouldn’t be voting for her just because she was married to Bill Clinton (don’t get me started on NAFTA). There’s a reason all her campaign says have an ‘H’ and not a ‘C.’ She doesn’t need the Clinton name to be credible, her resume speaks for itself.

    • realtalkrealdebate says :

      Are you referring to President Bush when you state we voted for someone who sent us to war under false pretenses? Do you think he knowingly sent us to war for some ulterior motive?

      I didn’t suggest that Clinton’s last name alone gives her credibility. At least that is not my belief. If anything Hillary is accomplished in her own right and in conjunction with former President Clinton have made their last name iconic. I didn’t mean to diminish her qualifications. (It’s those qualifications that have me wavering with whom I will ultimately vote president next year). She doesn’t need her last name to be credible, but that is still part of her brand. I could say the same thing for Jeb Bush. They both have highly familiar last names that have certainly propelled them to social recognition. Yes, they have contributed in their own right to the legacy of their family name.

      But let’s not say that she nor Jeb benefit from their last name (although I guess Jeb’s last name is detrimental to his general election prospects). If anything Hillary more greatly benefits because her husband was and is a very popular president. That doesn’t take away from her qualifications. It only aids her in procuring the nomination. Regardless if its right, it remains the fact.

  3. Mariam Pera says :

    *campaign signs. Sorry, coffee has not kicked in lol.

  4. Nancy says :

    Sad to say, but Hillary will be the next president. The reporters have already nominated her & voted her in. It doesn’t matter who runs against her. With her track record, who would want to vote for her. The only reason is because she is a woman. We had a black president so now is the time for a woman no matter how bad she could/will be.

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