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9/11 Photo Almost Cut From the National September 11 Memorial and Museum

September 11th photoThe infamous photo of firefighters raising the American flag at Ground Zero almost failed to make the cut at the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.  Michael Shulan, the creative director, deemed the image “too patriotic.”  According to a new book, “Battle for Ground Zero” by Elizabeth Greenspan, due for release next month, the director called the photo too “rah-hah America.” Read More…


Top 10 Favorite Books

This week I am sharing my favorite books.  As always these lists I create every week progressively get more difficult.  In the past weeks I have shared my favorite destinations, movies, TV shows, songs and last week I shared my favorite snacks.  I hope you enjoy reading my list and I hope you share some of your favorite books.

Dorian Gray

1.  The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde)

Wilde’s most famous novel tells the story of Dorian Gray; a handsome, young man who becomes so enamored and consumed by his looks that he sells his soul to remain young.  In contrary, a portrait of Gray is the one that ages.  The novel is a stellar example of Gothic fiction.  I liked the recent movie adaptation as well.  Read More…

Should Huma Abedin stand by her husband, Anthony Weiner, after latest scandal?

Anthony Weiner and Huma AbedinThis is the question that has been percolating online since Huma’s decision to support her disgraceful husband, Anthony Weiner.  Weiner as many of you already know was forced to resign from his congressional seat in 2011 after lewd photos of him appeared online.  Huma chose to stand by her husband then.  After once again sexting another girl last year, Weiner’s wife has “forgiven” him and has chosen to support him during his mayoral campaign.

Many critics have suggested Huma has brought feminism back a generation.  They believe she should have already left her husband.  They disagree with her decision.  Others don’t have a problem that she won’t divorce her husband, but that she chose to publicly show her support. Read More…

Stephen Colbert Mocks the Royal Baby Watch (07/23/2013)

Duchess Kate, Prince William and their son GeorgeAnyone who has read my post Why all the Fuss over the Royal Baby knows that I am beyond the point of fatigue when it comes to the “royal baby watch.”  I sincerely wish the child good health, but I will never understand nor consent to the over-saturation of coverage on a birth.  Yes, a birth.  You’d think people had never heard of a baby being born.  Someone told me that people care about the birth because it’s historic.  I replied: “So was my birth.”  Read More…

USC says Woman wasn’t Raped Because Alleged ASSAILANT didn’t Orgasm

USCOnce again I present a disturbing story that upon reading the title one would think I was joking.  At least you would hope I was joking (albeit that would be a horrible joke).  It’s unfortunate to say that college campus rapes are a common occurrence (i.e. Steubenville).   There are also cases of rape in high school. The unfortunate connection these cases share, besides the obvious horror inflicted upon the victim, is the percentage of unreported or ignored cases by school officials. Read More…

Aurora shooting victims marry a year after theater rampage

Eugene Han and Kristin DavisJuly 20th marked the 1st anniversary of the terrible shooting at an Aurora, Colorado theater.  Kristin Davis and Eugene Han were injured in the shootings.  Eugene was more severely injured as he tried to protect his girlfriend from the spray of bullets.  Their recovery, both physical and mental, is ongoing.  Read More…

Top 10 Favorite Snacks

This week I am sharing my favorite snack foods.  For the past month I have been posting my “Top 10 List.”  Every week I share my favorites in a different category.  Readers have so far enjoyed the posts.  I hope you share your favorite snacks.  I’ve realized in making these lists that narrowing any category into just ten is rather difficult; more so than one would think.

Nevertheless, here are my favorite snacks:

Edys Slow Churned Cookie Dough Ice Cream

1.  Edy’s Slow Churned Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Seems only fitting I include an ice cream on my list on “National Ice Cream Day.”  I love eating ice cream.  Much to my own physical detriment of course (too much isn’t good for the waistline).  My favorite ice cream flavor is cookie dough.  Edy’s version is the best.  I literally avoid the ice cream aisle at the grocery store because I know otherwise I am going to purchase the yummy treat.  There’s something so pleasing about the smoothness of ice cream; especially during the recent heat wave. Read More…

Study States Calorie Listings at Fast Food Restaurants Cause Caloric Increase

french friesA Carnegie Mellon University study has determined that calorie listings at fast-food restaurants have not decreased the caloric consumption of consumers.  1,121 adults provided receipts and completed surveys upon exiting McDonald’s locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, N.Y.  Calorie listings have become common in the past year in hopes of curbing the obesity epidemic.

Policy makers hoped the move would aid in the consumers making better choices.  They believed that armed with nutritional information a regular consumer would ultimately make the better decision.  McDonalds lists the calories of each food/beverage item.  It also lists a recommended daily consumption amount.  The study leader thinks many people thought because their sandwich was less than the recommended amount they could “wiggle” in some sides (i.e. French fries and soda drinks).  They did so without considering the fact those sides are almost calorically rich as the actual sandwich.  Read More…

Stephen Colbert mocks Asiana Airlines and KTVU

Stephen Colbert in Iraq

Stephen Colbert in Iraq (Photo credit: The U.S. Army)

This week’s “viral video of the week” is brought to you by comedian Stephen Colbert.  Colbert is the host of a comedy show on Comedy Central.  For those who don’t know part of his comedic bit is that he pretends to be a conservative pundit.  Colbert has a great way of making his point while being funny.

In this video he mocks Asiana Airlines and KTVURead More…

After death of star Cory Monteith, where does Glee go from here?


It was confirmed on Tuesday by the British Columbia coroner’s office that Cory Monteith’s death was a result of a “mixed drug toxicity” involving heroin and alcohol. The thirty-one year old actor’s body was found in his room at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel in Vancouver on July 13 by hotel staff after he missed his checkout time. His death is believed to have been an accident.

Monteith is one of the original stars of Fox’s hit television show Glee and his death has left many fans of the show to wonder, where does the show go from here? Read More…