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Robin Thicke-Blurred Lines [Feminist Parody] “Defined Lines”

Robin Thicke picThis week’s “video of the week” is very different than past selections.  A few months ago I posted my thoughts on the “Blurred Lines” controversy.  Robin Thicke’s VMA performance with Miley Cyrus has renewed the conversation on what is appropriate and what is demeaning.

The following video is a parody of “Blurred Lines.”  It is very explicitOnly adults should watch it, if they so choose.  I contemplated if I should even post such a sexually explicit video (in terms of what they say) with profane language on this blog.  So again, the following video may be deemed as profane and explicitRead More…


Mom’s “Happy Dance” 2013

school busThis week’s viral video is of an outrageously, funny mom who annually has her “happy dance” as her children ride off on the school the first day of school.  While this “dance” might be terribly embarrassing for her children, it certainly is funny to watch.  I think parents, especially stay-at-home parents, would be lying if they weren’t a tad bit happy their children have school again.

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Jimmy Kimmel Mocks the Bachelorette

Jimmy Kimmel and Desiree HartsockThis week I am sharing three segments from last night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” for my “viral video of the week.”  While normally I only post one video, the three videos are all connected and quite comical.

Hope you enjoy!     Read More…

Stephen Colbert mocks cable news (07/31/2013)

Stephen ColbertRegular readers of Real Talk by now know that I am a fan of Stephen Colbert.  I think he is hilarious.  While I was watching yesterday’s episode of “The Colbert Report” I quickly realized that I had found my video of the week.  In the clip Colbert mocks cable news for their over-exuberance over a lunch between Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and President Obama.

Hope you enjoy the video! Read More…