London calling

I am waiting at my terminal at O’hare International Airport, and it’s the first time I’ve traveled alone. I won’t lie, I have some anxiety.

The last time I felt this way, I was hugging my mom goodbye here and on my way to Rome. The minute any nerves kicked in, I heard someone yelling my name: “Mariam!!” It was Alex, my classmate, calling me to join her at the terminal. She became my best friend on that trip. And I met another great friend, Colleen, the girl I sat next to on the flight (and kind of lost in Milan). And I’m going to London to stay with Catherine, a friend I made while in Rome with my best friend, Kamil.

On my list of things to see are Stonehenge, Bath as Oxford. And, of course, as much of London as possible in a week.

Traveling is exciting and meeting new people is great; but I think the relief of not being alone is what makes meeting these friends so exhilarating. I’m hoping this will continue, and I’m looking forward to all London and the UK has to offer (except the exchange rate). I’d like to say I’ll blog while abroad, but I’m hoping I’ll be completely unable to find the time.

Wish me luck, blogosphere!






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6 responses to “London calling”

  1. Ree says :

    Ah, Bath, what a romantic town! I fell in love with it when I visited several years ago! I bet you will too! Happy Travels!

  2. Kiwi says :

    You’ll have an awesome time for sure!

  3. Kamil Zawadzki says :

    Say hi to Catherine for me

  4. mariampera says :

    Thanks, everyone! I had a great time. Maybe I’ll blog a bit about the interesting cultural differences…

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