Don’t forget to tell your dad you love him

SuperdadA little over a month ago I dedicated my praise of the week to my mom.  I wanted to praise not only my mom, but every mom who sacrifices so much on a daily basis for their children’s happiness.  It wasn’t her birthday, a holiday, names-day or any other “significant” event.  I simply wanted to thank her for the gift in my life that she is.  This week I reserve my praise to all the dads in the world.  To all the men who not only father their child, but help raise that child.  More specifically I want to praise my father.

My father was the epitome of a man.  He was and is my ideal.  I say he was because he died over 13 years ago.  I was eleven at the time.  I had yet to begin my teenage journey.  Words cannot express my admiration.  I tear up every time I think about him.  My dad is my role model.  He was a loving husband and a great father.  My father and I had a great relationship.  My father however was the strict one.  He was very loving, but he expected you to always do your best.

The day my father died, I was due to go to soccer practice with him.  I detested playing soccer.  Not only wasn’t I particularly athletic, but as a chubby child I was embarrassed being surrounding by thin peers. My father unexpectedly needed to take my mother to get stitches before we headed to practice.  He told me to be ready, because when he got back we’d leave.  The last thing I told my father (I remember it so vividly) was that I wasn’t going to practice and that I hated him.  He told me he’d deal with me when he got back.

My dad never came back.  I lived with regret for many years as a child.  Wishing to take back the awful comments I made to him.  I’ve since come to peace with the exchange.  I know my father loves me.  And that is all that I need.  I strive to make him proud.

I don’t think dads get enough recognition.  Mothers, deservingly so I may add, garner much of the praise.  But there are many fathers in the world that should also be praised.  Some single fathers who raise their child by themselves.

MEN who uphold their vow to their spouse and to their family.

MEN like my father.

A MAN that I hope one day to be.

I implore you to tell your dad that you love him.

You never know if you will get another chance.

I love you dad!




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7 responses to “Don’t forget to tell your dad you love him”

  1. Theodora Goritsan says :

    Dad was not only a great father, husband but a great human being! I totally agree that sometimes the simplest as expressing your love for someone seams difficult, but those three little words can make a big difference. He knew that his kids loved him! I believe that he watches over all his children and grandchildren and is so proud of them. Sometimes it’s hard to think that my children will grow up getting to know him through stories I tell them. They already know that grandpa is an angel that watches over them.

  2. purplepolitico says :

    I absolutely agree with you that fathers do not get enough recognition.

  3. JF Owen says :

    Somewhere, your dad is smiling (and quickly wiping away a tear before someone happens to see it).

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